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7950 Sapphire OE 12.2/12.3 Driver from problems

Is there a new catalyst control centre interface because it looks different?
I can't even find tesselation, it only has AA, AA mode and AF.
The problem is that I get weird and sort of like screen tearing when I drag any windowed app like firefox.
It's fine when I play game but i never had problems with my old 6950 with the same driver.
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  1. My driver has all of the options. There is a new CCC, but it has been out for a while. Could you post a screenshot of what you've got? I can compare it to my 7970. Right now I am using the newest Official drivers (called 12.2, 12.3 in CCC).
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    Ah, you are in Standard View. To fix, go to Preferences (at the top right) -> Advanced View. Then CCC should be much more normal and usable.
  3. lol sorry, I just built a new pc from scratch to prepare for ivy bridge, so i didn't even know it was on standard view, :)
    thx again :)
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  5. No problem. I'm not sure why they hide it like that (or default to standard view). Standard view is pretty worthless in my opinion.
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