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Alright, first off, im on a tight budget, i'm trying to upgrade my pc's GPU to this:
I was told my current CpU( Intel Pentium D 945 3.40GHz 800mhz 4MB S775 Dual-Core CPU) would heavily bottleneck the hell out of the new gpu.
I already recently replaced the mobo and psu. (750w incase that info is needed) and the Mobo is a 775 cpu socket.
I've already blown about 150$ with the current parts, plus the nee gpu is about another 100$. I wanted to know if anyone could link me a few processors that'll hold with the new gpu. My current wallet is around 150$ remaining on this project, and i'm not trying to make like a hardcore skyrim/bf3 90fps rig, just enough to run tf2 and LoL at 60+ fps on a higher settings.
Yes, i have 150$, but the lower the price, the better. I would love leftover money for other stuff as well. ^^
If im missing info, let me know, knew to this forum x.x
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    If you had to upgrade the CPU, why did you buy a 775 socket board? You will get no further on the new board than you would your old one. The 775 socket has been dead a long time already.

    AMD Phenom II x4 965. $110

    AsRock 970 PRO3 AM3+. $75

    That hardware will give you a decent upgrade path and will be powerful enough not to bottleneck your hardware. Its a bit more expensive than you had hoped, but that's what happens when you dont research.

    Also, if you are upgrading from a 775 (or older), chances are you will need new RAM. Modern motherboards and chipsets require DDR3 RAM, which is another $40 for a 8GB kit.
    G.Skill Ares 8GB (2x4GB), 1600Mhz CL9 1.5v. $40

    I assume you have a SATA HDD and a copy of Windows handy as well. If not, that could be another $150.
  2. The reason i got a 775 was because my first mobo fried when i tried to replace the cpu myself, and not going into detail, it broke. I wanted a speedy fix, so i got another cheap mobo for about 40. Back then, gaming on pc wasn't on my mind.
    I already had 4gigs of ram inserted as well, don't worry, i had a buddy help me with parts installation.
    I also had a copy of windows handy, so no problem there, but i never heard of SATA HDD...
    I do indeed plan on upgrading my mobo to something better, infact, that combo might be next, but As of now, i cannot buy them, and i also just rather get a 775 processor.
    If there's no 775 cpu that you can link me, then please link me something that'll still do tf2 or LoL, because my current gpu "GeForce 210" is just....ass.
  3. Its not a matter of the capacity, but whether its DDR2 or 3. You cant put DDR2 in a DDR3 slot. The 775 platform was current when DDR3 was being introduced, some boards supported it while others didnt. You may have lucked out and your current RAM is DDR3, but check it anyway.

    SATA is the newer medium between the HDD and Motherboard. It replaced IDE before it. Modern motherboards (including the one I linked) dont support IDE. To check if your HDD is IDE or SATA, pop open the case and see if the HDD is connected to the mobo by something like this.
    or this.
    If its the first, you have an IDE HDD and it will need to be replaced.

    You would be better off just buying the newer hardware now. You will have better performance than buying older hardware, and the cost to upgrade is minimized. That board will get you to Piledriver CPU's (AMD's next architecture, releasing end of the year-ish), while a 775 board is already dead. So getting the newer hardware is cheaper in the long run than investing in older components, coupled with better performance even before you upgrade.
  4. Well, it's past my budget, so that means i'll be stuck with the old mobo/processor combo for awhile.. (I have to use the money in my wallet for other stuff besides computer junk, but i want that gpu asap.)
    But thanks to this, a few more questions arises.
    1, with the current cpu, will the new gpu still be able to hold better framerate than the g 210? (All i asked was for 60fps on lower ended games during combat ;~; )
    2, Once i get that new mobo set, is there a place where i can sell off the old processor/mobo? At least have mercy on my budget!
  5. The 550ti will be a significant upgrade to the 210 without doubt. 60FPS in those games I am not sure about, but I would expect at-least playable settings (unless the CPU turns out to be a massive bottleneck).

    Craigslist, Ebay, sell it off to friends. Old (especially used) tech computer components dont sell for much though.
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  7. Well the 210 gave me an easy 30-45 in tf2 on lowest settings. I understand that my pc will not yet be able to run as fast as i would want. But after the upgrade, it'll run games like bf3~ That's always exciting ^^
    Thanks for the help sir.
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