Case fans config for best airflow in hot weather?

It's pretty hot where I live, usually over 30 C

How should I set up fans in this case?

Will 7 fans (plus CPU cooler fan, PSU fan, Graphics Card fans) consume a lot of power?

Thanx :)
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  1. 2 120mm front
    2 120mm top
    1 120mm back
    1 140mm bottom

    there you go!
  2. Is that positive or negative pressure?? What about side fan?
  3. that is just slightly positive pressure coz the bottom intake is 140mm,if you want to increase the positive pressure you can add a fan on the side intake
  4. Will 6 - 7 fans consume a lot of power?
  5. 5-8W per fan
  6. That's 60W!
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    30-56W maximum; it really depends on the particular fans that you're using and whether or not they are running at maximum speed all the time, on a fan controller, or are speed controlled based on temps. High ambient temps are high ambient temps whether a lot of air is being moved or not a lot of just have to monitor temps...
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  9. Yeah thanx
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