New asus 590 for $675

I did a new build and need a card for it, so buy a low 570 and upgrade sooner than later 1-2 years. Buy a 580/590 (saw a new asus 590 for less than $675 on and upgrade later 2-3 years. Or buy this generation and upgrade 3-4 years later.

Is a 590 for 675 a good buy? and is computermakler a good website? can only buy through bank transfer? :non: or :D
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  1. First of all it is extremely hard to find one for sale and then when you do nobody has one for under $700 , so the $675 price is a great price and the prices can be inflated because there is a limited sypply.
    Second I have never heard of the site "" so I can't comment on whether or not it's any good or reputable.
  2. Would you risk it for the biscuit?
  3. The web site does say it has 10 of them for sale. I don't know what US dollars equates to with there pricing. But here is the link to it. I would wait untill the new Kepler comes out and see what type of pricing is going around. 590&limit=100&product_id=7747
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