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I have this weird thing where my philips 244E running off a 6870 hates displaying in 1920x1050. At one stage i managed to get it to work by running an hdmi cable from the monitor into an hdmi to dvi converter/plug thingy. This solution worked for months but after reinstalling windows I can’t get it to work again and am stuck on 1680x1050 (which looks like crap)

I have tried updating the drivers but that hasn’t helped.

I’d really appreciate any help with this, driving me nuts.

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  1. Did you download drivers from here? If not, it shouldn't work ;)
  2. There is an option in AMD fusion center to force 1080p or other resolutions for HDTVs that aren't detected correctly. I believe its under "my digital flat panels" but I am not home so I can't double check
  3. I had a go at forcing it to display in 1080p and it just doesn't fit the screen.

    I downloaded them just using the steam driver update thing. Just downloading the drivers off there now, looks like a higher version number. Fingers crossed it fixes whatever is causing it. Playing games at 1680x1050 is horrible.
  4. Updated the display drivers etc to the latest version. still no change :(
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