RE4 for PS2 ;)

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As part of its annual E3 press conference, Capcom showed a small trailer of
a very big game: Resident Evil 4 for the PlayStation 2. Unfortunately,
because it was a pretty brief trailer with no playable version available,
it's difficult to tell how this one's shaping up, but so far, so good.

The trailer shows off several segments from the popular survival horror
game, including some of the very first scenes of action. Assuming that the
footage in the trailer is actually coming off the PlayStation 2, the player
models and environments look pretty close to their GameCube counterparts. We
noticed a couple of spots of brief slowdown, but overall, it looked really
sharp for a PlayStation 2 game. Unfortunately, with no GameCube version
running next to it, it's difficult to compare the two, but it didn't seem
too far behind the GameCube version, which should allay some of the fears of
PS2 owners, some of whom have been worried about the PlayStation 2's ability
to keep up with one of the GameCube's highest-scoring games.

The PlayStation 2 version of Resident Evil 4 is expected to ship later this
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    Not only does the PS2 version look the same as the GC version, it also
    gets true Anamorphic Widescreen.

    According to the developer, the PS2 version gets slightly less rich
    texturing and facial detail but other than that it is exactly as the GC

    What this means is that on a standard TV the GC version will look a bit
    better than the PS2 version.

    However, on a 16:9 TV the PS2 version should look as good or better than
    the GC version. Especially since you are getting 1/3 more of the game on
    screen at any given time.

    And just so you know I'm not trolling here is a link:

    And here is the quote:
    "Apparently a few minor compromises have been made to squeeze the game
    onto the PS2, with slightly less rich texturing and less facial detail,
    but that in all other respects the game will be identical to the
    GameCube classic."
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