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Hello, I have an older HP D330UT with a 3.2 GHZ Hyperthreaded Pentium 4. I have an nVidia GeForce FX5500 AGP, an ATI Radeon HD 2400, and a Sapphire Radeon 9250. I would like to put all three in the HP D330UT. I have already tested it with the GeForce and the 9250, and it works fine. I just don't know much about multiple graphics cards. I would like to know how (or if) it will spread the load between the three.
I also will have a monitor hooked up to each card, well, actually an early 80's tv hooked up to the 9250 through composite, so If I open, say minecraft, on the TV, will it use the graphics card hooked up to the TV, or will it use all 3 graphics cards?
Just tell me all you can about multiple graphics cards that aren't hooked up in crossfire or SLI, and I will appreciate it greatly.
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  1. You cannot get them to run at the same time to increase speeds. They will each do their own processing for whatever monitor output is used on them. Just use the fastest card. Which looks to be the HD2400, the 9250 is also close to that speed. THey are all pretty slow though, the fastest one is ranked # 788 on the PassMark site, a card made for games should be ranked in the 100s at least.
  2. You cannot connect any of those cards in either SLI or crossfire , they may work in your computer and even if you put two or even all three in at the same time they will work and you can connect a cable to one and then the other and see that they all work but you cannot connect them all together or even two of them together to gain any processing power. Even the two Radeon cards won't work together.
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