Not getting video after cleaning CPU fan

As I said in the title, my PC has been over heating a lot recently that it just shuts down by itself frequently. So I opened it up to clean any dust on the fans so it gets better air, I found that there was a TON of dust clumped on my heatsink. When I unscrewed the four screws around the CPU everything came out in one block, CPU fan, heatsink, and CPU (idk if that's supposed to happen but anyways). I cleaned it and put it back in but I flattened one pin on accident, I noticed that after I tried putting in the CPU back in a second time after my pc wouldnt show video. I straightened it and put it back in, it didn't bend again but it still won't show video. The three fans in my pc work and so does the fan in my gpu but I just get no video. Also I hear the CPU fan just lightly "revving up" every few seconds.

Is this something that I messed up by bending that one pin on the CPU or something different?
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  1. You may want to download a motherboard manual for example here It has some pictures how to install the CPU and the cooler right.
  2. You could have damaged the CPU, (check the pins again) but it is also very common when mucking about with the CPU heatsink and fan to dislodge the video card. Try removing and fitting the video card.
  3. It appears along with bending that one pin I also complete broke off another, I'm guessing there's no way to repair that now right? It was time for a new one anyway...
  4. First make sure all pins are straight. I use a credit card and a small precision screwdriver if the pin is too far over I straighten with it then run a credit card down the rows. MAKE SURE IT IS THE RIGHT THICKNESS. IE: I use a Auto Zone card. Perfect fit. I use a flashlight on an angle to find the bent pins. Once all are up I run the card through all rows up and sideways. Then carefully seat your CPU from the corner that is marked differently than the other three. If the pin is broken I have seen people straighten the pin count the holes insert broke pin into MB and ease CPU on and it work. But I don't know if I have the dexterity to accomplish that. But pins can be fixed if you are comfortable with soldering. Good luck.
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