Can i play games with intel pentium dual core g630 2.7

i am loking for atower also to support 9600 nividia graphics would this processor be enough?
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  1. this is the best processor for the price ,, it beats fx 4 cores and 6 core even quad-core phenoms ,,, go for it ,,, but the gpu wont be gud enough , get a gtx 550ti atleast!
  2. ok start again, ihae a new gforce 9600 a hard drive a mother board and 8g ram and i need a tower cpu and psu which is the cheepest most effectie i could get for 50-80 pounds tat will be able to get this pc going?
    thanks for the speedy replybtw XD
  3. cpu i mean tower ican do :S :S :S
  4. get any of the cooler master elite serie case (i hope you mean case ase youve written tower) and get a corsair cx430 430 watt psu or anything thing above 400watts for future upgdradibility, however cx430 is recommended , tested and used by myself,,,it will have no problem running a geforce 9600,.

    cm elite 430 30 to 32 pounds or sometimes less!
    corsair cx 430 30 pounds or less
  5. Where are you finding the CX430 V2 for under 30? You cen get one for $25 in the US after a $20 MIR, but I haven't found those prices in the UK.
    There are a couple of different models of the 9600GT; what is the speed of your model and the cards exact model number?

    A great deal in the UK is the XFX Core 450W for 35: It's better quality than the CX430 and has two more years of warranty. It will handle any 9600GT that you can put in the system.
  6. What exact parts do you need? A 'tower' typically refers to a type of PC case; the Antec 300 and Corsair are typical tower-style cases.

    You also mentioned the Intel G630 CPU. It is a great budget-oriented processor that outperforms some of AMDs quad core processors. That CPU will work with the 9600GT but you need to make sure that your moherboard is compatible with the video card. The 9600GT will be the limiting performance factor in gaming on your system....very limiting factor. It might be easier if you listed you components and what parts you want to upgrade.
  7. i need a case, cpu, pcu, my graphics card is nvidia force 600 gt pci-e 1024m/256bit/ddr3
  8. anyone else find this site lags? gforce 9600 gt pci-e 1024m/256bit/ddr3
  9. G630 is a sufficient CPU, the case/PSU recommendations that I gave above are still good. As long as your mobo takes a PCIe video card the 9600GT will work in your system.
  10. Hi, I'm planning for below config due to budget constraints and limted use. The PC will be used for basic home needs like browsing, email, chat etc and for my children for education and medium level gaming. Pls suggest, if this is a good configuration. The current price in Delhi is mentioned for reference. Do i need a graphics card in addition or intel integrated graphics is enough for moderate gaming needs.

    Intel DUAL CORE G630 2.7 GHz 3,350
    Intel Desktop H61M DS2 2,700
    Corsair 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz 1,200
    Seagate 250 GB SATA HDD 2,825
    AOC 16" LED (1620EW) 3,550
    GSM PRO 500W (Cabinet with SMPS) 900
    Logitech MK320 Cordless KB+Mouse kit 1,100
    Bluetooth, 6 USB Ports, USB Splitter, Card Reader 300
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