Graphics card for asrock g31m-s help

Hey, I was wondering if anyone would advise me on a decent graphics card to get. My system specs are:
Mobo: AsRock G31M-S
CPU: Intel Pentium E5200 (@2.5Ghz)
PSU: 400w
RAM: 3gb DDR2 (@332Mhz)
OS: Win7 Ultimate 32 Bit

I was thinking about getting GeForce GTX 560 but I'm not sure if it is compatible or not.
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  1. First off, you'd probably need a better power supply. Min requirement for a gtx 560 is 450 watts (provided thats its actually a good psu)

    and depending on your budget, toms hardware has recommendations
    for 110$ - HD 6770
    130$ - HD 6790
    150$ - HD 6850 and gtx 460
    170$ - HD 8870,3107-3.html

    Of course if you can find a higher ranked graphics card for less money, then its better. Here is a graphics card heirarchy to give you an idea.,3107-7.html
  2. Your Mobo does support PCIEx16 so any PCIE graphics card will work.
    If you opt for a higher end GPU you may need more power, as computernewb suggested. I would start by adding a bit more RAM to your system and then something like an HD6770.
  3. if you don't change PSU,buy 6850/7770 OC are good choices.
  4. Thank you for the fast answers :)
    Also i just noiced i made a mistake in the psu description. It's 420 not 400
    But still it seems i'll have to swap it out if i want a better gpu.
    Also my current gpu is a GeForce 9500GT if that means anything to you guys :)
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