Help! Why won't my cpu usage go above 5%?

I recently purchased a barebones kit,

along with the kit I purchased another 8gb of the corsair vengenence, bringing my total to 16gb. I'm running win 7 home premium. my gpu is an evga gtx 550 ti 2gb (i know, crappy budget card). Everything seems to be running great, except for when I decide to play games. My gpu usage will go up to 100% which i found rather odd, and my cpu won't go up in usage at all. This causes me to get around 1-3 fps on a good day, making it impossible to play any game. However, one time i tried shogun 2 it worked flawlessy, then when i tried it again it was back to the 1fps.

Ill go into taskmanager when the game is running and it will show my cpu usage at 0-5%. Does anyone know how to fix this? i've messed around a little bit in bios (i reset everything back to default afterwards), but nothing seems to be helping. Also, my gpu drivers and motherboard drivers are all up to date, and I'm running no other windows when i try to play games.

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  1. Try to clean the RAM gold plates with an eraser. and after that fix it again 2 the motherboard without touching the gold plates.
  2. Is it just in gaming it does this or have you tried to convert music/video to see if it pushes above 5%?

    I know you said motherboard drivers, but did you mean bios? Might be worth updating mobo bios (go one revision at a time). I have not heard of this issue before, but it is a candidate for a mobo bios upgrade, as normally you shouldnt need to touch it.

    good luck!
  3. he'll mean the chipset/mobo drivers, they help tell windows what its got to work with.

    did you do a fresh install of windows?
  4. Update BIOS and chipset/mobo drivers.
  5. Looks like the cpu and gpu are not going as good friends or working together. And obsama sir how can u say him to update bios? he's just a newcomer, explain him how to flash bios. Because otherwise, updating bios is as playing with fire. And I agree with the chipset updates. But I recommend to update the gpu drivers too:
    Product type: geforce
    Product series: geforce 500 series
    Operating system: windows 7 (select 32 or 64 bit)
    Language: English(India)
    And for cpu and motherboard:
    Chipset: (Select windows 7 32 or 64 from the top (or upwards box)).
    Utilities: (Select windows 7 32 or 64 from the top (or upwards box)).
    Please tell me if it works.
  6. I can't explain to him how to flash the BIOS because it depends on the mobo. It is risky, but if you are careful it will work 99% of the time.
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