What ram timings would be the best to run on my dell xps 8000 with an i5 266 cpu

i have a dell studio xps 8000 and plan to buy new ram would 1333 with timing of 7-7-7-21 be the right choice it has a 2.66 cpu
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  1. you have a dell, you wont be able to choose the ram timings the board will use, which will most likely be 'standard' settings like 9-9-9-24 at 1.5v.

    Theres no need to buy faster (more expensive) memory because you wont be able to force the board to use them at their rated speed.

    Also, in case you were adding ram instead of replacing, ram at different speeds can run (sometimes not) but the system automatically switches to the speed of the slowest ram.
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