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Hy everybody ! I just bought a new ( 2nd hand ) PC case . A Raidmax Sirius and i can't assemble it well . I have an Asus Striker II NSE mobo and some connectors from the PC Case door don't find where to put in . The USB , front jacks and HDD leds are ok . But the little meters at the door arent working . If somebody have the same case please help me :)

Thank you for all reading my post .
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  1. Theres a guide over in homebuild section, that used in conjunction with your mobo manual should see you right :)
    Sections three and four,
  2. Thank you all guys !
  3. I have an other problem guys :| I read the manual , but i have a 2 prong female connector and i dont know where i need to put it ! After doing all with help of the manual the front meters and the HDD leds aren't working . Any idea ?
  4. Where does the 2 pin block come from? trace back along its length but that is most likely one of the led cables and should be plugged into the main header accordingly once you identify which led it is for
  5. So this PC case has a front door with 3 analog metters ( HDD , Temp and Fan ) . From the front door came some cables into inside of case :

    -one HD Led ( this has a female and male jack , the male from front door came must be connected to the female from the case "inside" HD led and the female from the front door into the motherboard )

    -one tempreture senzor what i cant lockate anywhere

    -a 3pin male connector ( this i need to connect to the cooler from the side )

    -and last one that 2 pin connector

    Today i taked apart my pc case and there is no one cable missing ( i count the cables from the front door connection till to enter inside of case ) .

    So my idea is that cable needs a switch into 12V or 5V connection , or i need a switch from 2pin female => 3pin female to put into my mobo .

    Sorry for my bad english , its not my mature language :D
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