Half-Life woes

Ok so here's the deal. About a week ago I noticed that my hard drive was getting a little full so I whent ahead and re-formatted. I installed windows, drivers, apps, some Mp3's, and then of course half-life. It installed fine, then I updated to version re-booted enabled console and started it up. I found a crossfire server and started to connect. Connection seemed to go fine but just as I was entering the game it froze. This continued every time I tryed to play a on-line game or a LAN game. Sometimes I would get into the game and play for about 60 seconds before it would freeze. I have tryed un-installing and reinstalling I've updated to nothing has worked. I tryed the latest drivers for my video card, mobo, tryed different RAM I've traced my connection to various servers. Nothing. Any suggestions.
BTW here are my sys stats

Asus A7A
AMD 800 mhz T-bird
Ge-force 2 MX
128 megs PC 100
Realtek 10\100 Ethernet card
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  1. You dont say can you play any other games or do you get the same results. I had a problem with counter-strike that was traced back to a loose vidio card (talk about a long shot) It was the only thing I had that worked the system hard enuf to notice I guess. Check all cables and good luck

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  2. I am also having problems with half-life, but ONLY when I try to connect to an Internet game; if I run in Single Player Mode, or host a LAN game, nothing wrong happens. It doesn't matter if I'm running straight old Hl-DM, or TF, or DMC or any other mod.
    Everything works out OK until I press 'Join' in |Multiplayer->Internet Games|. When I do that, the display changes resolution, and when it get brighter, the desktop appears.

    This didn't start to happen until recently, and I have no idea what started this. No drivers were updated, and completely uninstalling the game (including deleting the files left over in the directory).

    System specs are:

    Win98 4.10.1998
    ATI Rage-Pro AGP board
    SoundBlaster PCI64
    ADSL (160 up/1184 Down)

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  3. Sounds like either disp drivers, 4 in 1's or possibly (more likely one of the first) Directx, my guess would be the agp drivers (part of 4 in 1 pack)

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  4. have you tried switching between the open gl mode and direct 3d mode? my system locked up on me in open gl, but ran fine in d3d.

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