Migrant Train Stopped By France

Have a look at this article:

What would you do if you were running a European government? As it stands, any EU country can issue a temporary resident permit that allows migrants like these to enter any EU country without a passport. In my view, this is one of the fundamental problems of the EU: many of the countries are so vastly different when it comes to perspective on such issues that issues like this can occur.

I say fly em or ship em over here- no one cares (at least I don't). More tax dollars. ;)
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  1. The issue for the French is that many of these people are likely to want to stay illegally there.

    They just booted out a heap of eastern european people with no fixed address who were littering the countryside.

    If I had a choice where to live in europe I'd probably gravitate there too.

    I am siding with the French in this issue ...sorry !
  2. Ye have no hope! Give em' "x" amount of time to get their affairs in order, get a job, etc.. and it works out. If it doesn't, give em' the boot. I know the French have concerns and I do not blame them, but if you give a fair amount of them a chance, they may do rather well. Plus it beats being in North Africa/some Middle East countries right now.
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