Man, I'm confused. Help!

I'd like to buy a new Matrox Millenium P650 graphics card and run a dual-headed computer.

I live in Canada (Vancouver) and have limited access to major LCD flat panel monitors. I've found two that look pretty good though, from (Daewoo L15D & L17D).

The company website says that analog video interface is standard (15-pin D-SUB connector) ... but that digital is "optional". <a href="" target="new">link</a>

I've emailed the company and they say that these monitors accept either analog or digital signals. (I've requested more info).

Is there such a beast as a (15-pin D-SUB)-to-DVI adaptor?
If there is, how do you know a signal is digital or analog?
Doesn't DVI Xmit both analog & digital signals?
Do you control the graphics card signal in through a setup utility? (digital or analog)?
If a graphics card is sending DIGITAL, wouldn't the monitor's A/D converter have to be bypassed somehow ... or is there circuitry that does it automatically?

I'm confused on how this analog/digital stuff works. Help!
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  1. I own two lcds with both analogue and digital connectors, and video cards capable of both analogue and digital output (Samsung 151P, 171P, and ATI 9000 Pro).

    I cannot distinguish between analogue and digital images, or text.

    I don't think digital connectors on the monitor or digital output from the card is worth the extra cost.

    I know this isn't what you are asking about, but my point is that I wouldn't bother with digital connectors. Besides, virtually nothing is adjustable on your monitor in the digital mode (except brightness on my Samsungs). In analogue you can adjust to your heart's content. In my case, I like a lower color temperature (6500K)which can only be adjusted in analogue mode. Otherwise, in digital mode, I'm stuck with a too - blue (higher K) temeperature.

  2. a DVI to analog converter for the video card costs around 8€, I guess they sell the viceversa too.
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