ati tv-wonder w/"auto-mute"

Dangit! I re-installed win98se and now when
I start ati tv-wonder it mutes the "wave" sound
so that my realplayer's sound output is suddenly
muted, and I have to open up volume controls
(soundblaster) and kick up the "wave" slider.
I notice that ALL controls (except line-in) are
zeroed whenever I start ati-tv wonder. I didn't
change a thing! It didn't used to do this. I
could start up ati tv-wonder (still using line-in
for sound output, which is connected to line-in
of the soundblaster card) and it didn't affect
the slider volume controls for any of the other
sound sources in sound blaster. Does anyone have
any idea why my ati tv-wonder software now insists
on zeroeing out all sound control volume sliders
(midi, aux, wave, microphone) except for the one
I chose with ati's tv-wonder installation wizard
(I chose line-in). I know it didn't used to do
this before I re-installed windows 98se. The only
thing that might be the case here, is that the
first time I installed ati tv-wonder I might not have
had soundblaster installed until later, so maybe I should
uninstall soundblaster and tv wonder, then reinstall
tv wonder FIRST, then reinstall soundblaster. Maybe
tv wonder will NOT zero out the volumes if there is
no soundblaster installed when tv wonder is installed?
This is so maddening. I DO NOT want to have to manually
reset my wave sound volume EVERY time I start up
tv wonder. Any help out there?
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  1. Following my own advice, I reinstalled win98se from scratch,
    leaving out the soundblaster until the tvwonder card was
    installed first. It didn't make any difference. After
    I install soundblaster, tvwonder insists on going through
    installation wizard and then it kicks down all volume
    slider except for line-in (I select that, of course).
    I tried going back to the original c drive, and I see now
    that it also kicks down all the sliders except for line-in
    AND wave (????). I am befuddled. I am using the very
    same installation cd and card, and so I really don't
    understand why my new installation also lowers the
    wave slider, when the previous installation didn't.
    This is so irritating. Please, anyone out there
    got any ideas here?
  2. Yep, there's someone out here. Someone with EXACTLY the same problem. Did you ever find a fix? If I can find it I'll post back here.
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