What PSU to buy for this system?

I am upgrading an old PC in which I currently have a 400 Watt Mercury PSU (ATX Power Switching).

I have bought a Radeon HD 3850 AGP Graphics card and an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ CPU , the fastest graphics card and CPU for the NF7-S2 motherboard (Socket A), which is currently in this old PC.

I also have 2 HDDs, 2 DVD players/writers, and 1 floppy drive in this machine.

What PSU would I need to power the HD 3850 (and the rest of the system) ?

I was thinking maybe I could get a cheap, branded 700-800W PSU and they will easily handle the (old-ish) Graphics card.
- WinPower Plus 800 W - my brother uses one of these to power a GeForce 8800 GTS, AMD Phenom X3, 1 hdd and etc... (has been working flawlessly for 6 months now)
- CIT 750 W - never used one of these before
- Alpine 650W - never used one before
Would one of these be enough ? Or should I go for an overpriced Corsair ? ]

Could anyone help me out here ?
Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Every psu you mentioned is pure crap, trying to make up for quality with watts is silly
    An overpriced Corsair CX430 would be more than enough
    Maybe an Antec VP450 would cost less, hey more watts, and much better quality than the $18 dollar unit's you mentioned
    Both are considered low budget power supplies
  2. I can only recomend the Cooler Master Silent Pro. I only do that cause I have it and I can say its dead silent. You put it next to your ear and dont hear anything. There are some low noise psu in the market, but they all produce some small humming. I may be unfamiliar with others no noise psu.
  3. The corsair units are not overpriced (ok, maybe where you are they are) and you get what you pay for.
  4. For the most part, any decent PSU is gonna cost you $65 or so (barring special deals) ....and at that price there's very little difference in price between 400 watts and 650 watts, tho there are exceptions. Look for something that get's a 9.0 or above on http://www.jonnyguru.com/

    Here's a 9.5 for $65 ($10 rebate)

    And a 9.0 for $25 ($20 rebate)
  5. its OK but not as good as the others.
  6. Rugger said:

    It's still showing as a pre-order though
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