$1500 Gaming Laptop

Approximate Purchase Date: Anytime within a month probably

Budget Range: $1500 or less

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming and College are what it's for

Parts Not Required: Not really looking for any add-ons for the laptop

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: None

Country: United States

Parts Preferences: None

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: These are the two I've been looking at mainly, just to give you an idea. I prefer the 15.6" screens

Sager NP9150
i7-3610QM 6MB Cache 2.3-3.3 GHZ
GeForce GTX 675M 2gig VRAM
8gig DDR3 RAM 1600mhz
15.6" FHD Matte Screen
$1439 at Pro-Star


i7-3610QM 6MB Cache 2.3-3.3 GHZ
GeForce GTX 670M 3gig VRAM
12gig DDR3 RAM 1600mhz
15.6" FHD Matte Screen
500gig x 2 HDD w/ Raid 0
$1499 at Xoticpc

I'm lookin for a gaming laptop that can sustain a high FPS on the highest settings on games. I'll also be using it for college. I was wondering if anyone could give me other laptop suggestions that would be as good, or if anyone could give input on which one of these is better. Thank you all! :)
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  1. Clevo is the OEM for Sager and many other boutique brands.....

    XoticPC and ProStar generally offer identical pricing but Prostar's web site is much eaier to use.....I'd recommend picking ya model on ProStar site and then buying from xoticpc. The service and support has really tanked since the economy changed.

    In the first few years I used, they were great but recent experience shave been terrible .... one laptop has been sent back 4 times with problem they cant seem to find.....screen has white vertical lines across whole thing and another they claimed water damage when the lappie had never been near any liquid.... not to mention I had it examined locally before sending back (given aforementioned experience) and no trace of water had been found Before sending it back.
  2. The way I always thought it was was that Sager is what it's called in the United States, but Clevo is everywhere else.
  3. Does anyone have any advice on which laptop to get or anything?
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