Need help picking Power Supply ($60)

(new to the site sorry if I have broken any rules)

Need some help with a new power supply for around $60 (shipped) it's going in my out dated P4 but I am upgrading soon so I am looking for something for a future build to.

optical drive
1 hard drive
Not sure what cpu I will be upgrading to.
1 video card (no plans on sli or crossfire)
4 120mm case fans

Trying to get the most for my money so when I do upgrade I won't run into problems.

Have done some research and have found these

Going in a Cooler Master Elite 341 (MicroATX Mid Tower)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. High efficiency, modular, $56 with current promo, enough for most modern single card systems
  2. Quote:
    High efficiency, modular, $56 with current promo, enough for most modern single card systems

    Wow , how did that happen ?

    ya I saw that one but is Rosewill a reliable brand ?
  3. They've gotten better over the past few years and the platform this model is built on gets very good reviews
    Non modular 450
  4. ya, I know I will never need 600w but if im only using 300w would that mean that the psu would be running 50% and much cool and quieter ?
  5. I'm not a 50%er
    The difference in heat dissipation between 20-100% load on a modern high efficiency psu is negligble
    Noise is relative and IMO depends more on the quality of the psu and the fan that's in it than the load level's reached under normal use
  6. Ok, thanks for the help. Just wondering why you suggested the Rosewill?

    Is it better or just another option ?

    was leaning towards the Antec because the Corsair hard extra long sleeved cables and I have a MicroATX Mid Tower.

    thanks for all the help.
  7. Just another option in your price range
  8. Just noticed that the Antec NEO ECO 620C does not include a power cord. I have one with a bunch of writing on it but i'm guessing the important part is "18awgx3c" will this cable be fine ?

    thanks for all the help.
  9. It's not a model that people who are looking for quiet generally flock to, but at under 50% load should be fairly quiet
    Yes the cable would be fine
  10. What would be some brands that are known for being quiet under load ?
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