Cannot write to Drive C:

On my upgraded computer, the CDRW will not write to drive C. A Windows error message says so and locks everything up. I've upgraded all components except the hard drive, cdrom, and CDRW. My board is a PC266 System Board Socket 462 using the T-Bird chipset. It has a 750mhz Duron with 128mb of PC133 SDRAM. I am using the IDE ribbon that came with the board and is supposed to be an UltraDMA 66 type. My hard drive is UltraDMA 33. Could that have any bearing on the matter? The CDRW is connected as the secondary master.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Um... it sounds like a problem with the CD ROM drive. If the HD is working ok and reading/writing ok- then it's more than like the CDROM drive. Question: do you have the VIA 686B southbridge controller for the disk controller? That controller has problems transfering data over 100MB from one IDE device to another. What chipset is that "PC266" of yours?

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  2. Jesse,
    THanks for your reply. The best I can tell this is an SiS730S chipset, but not sure. The PcCHips site just calls the chipset a T-Bird chipset. I dont believe this one has the northbridge/southbridge controller set up. I tried again with a different Adaptec version...same thing "cannot write to drive C:" I am able to copy and paste files to and from drive c so it would appear to be a CDRW problem.
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