Windows 7 Won't install Sata Drivers for my HD

Ok so for over a week now I have been having similar problems with Windows 7, and I'm hoping someone will help me cure this today. I have a p8-Z77-v-LX Board, Brand new, A Brand New Seagate 1 TB Drive, and all of my other components are brand new as well. When I attempt to Load Windows 7 it does not see the drive. I know the drive is working because while trying to find a solution I have read Online that you should reformat the drive itself. I placed it into my old system, formatted it with Windows "NTFS by default I believe and still I have the same results. The Bios See's it aswell. the bios is this weird Asus Bios, but the Boot order is Optical Drive, Sata, USB. I have made sure it's set to AHCI and that Sata is enabled. I made this video to show exactly whats happening...

Anyone that can help me I would Very much so appreciate it, I would like to get this system up and running soon....
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  1. just for kicks, set it to IDE in the BIOS and see if it wil load the OS.
  2. Thank you for being the only one brave enough to respond :) I just tried that out and it came up with the same gimmick.... Any other thoughts????
  3. Did you try installing the OS before doing the format? On all of my installs, the new OS formats the drive as part of the installation process.

    Hope some others will chime in. Nothing more frustrating that having a new toy with only "3 wheels".
  4. When I first put everything together The first move I made was to check the bios then attempt an install. There was no drive found still. Is there supposed to be a Jumper on the drive? I have been told there is no need but I just want to make sure that it's not something stupid like that just in case. Also I just want to make sure I make clear the fact that I put the drive in straight out of the box and it see's the drive in the bios. So the drive clearly works this problem is a VERY frustrating one. There was another motherboard before the Asus, It had the same issue I'm having here. It was a gigabyte Z68 I had to change it out because it wouldn't let me Update the Bios.
  5. anonymous1 said:

    Yes, Can you Verify with me which Drivers/updates I should be Downloading? I put them on a thumbdrive and I search them just like I showed in the video. I'm Also having a lot of trouble updating the bios. When I search the thumb Drive it doesn't find a Bios file. I'm Pretty sure this issue is all Just something I'm Missing. A step that is just assumed so it doesn't get written. I am not Offended/opposed to someone just walking me step by step through the process if that's what it takes.
  6. This is the latest Chipset Driver:

    This is the latest SATA Driver:

    Is this what you downloaded?
  7. Yup those are downloaded and extracted to their own folder on my thumb drive...
  8. Just ran across this: LX&os=&hashedid=wUVREuJSCNu0ys0i
    "How to troubleshoot SATA problems"
    Have you reviewed it?
  9. cmichael138 said:
    Just ran across this: LX&os=&hashedid=wUVREuJSCNu0ys0i
    "How to troubleshoot SATA problems"
    Have you reviewed it?

    that link just takes me to the support page for the board.
  10. hahah sorry I just found the link you mentioned
  11. Someone on another board offered this option too me...Try the following
    Boot from the Windows 7 DVD
    Click Install Now
    Accept License Agreement
    When the option is displayed to select an installation type, click (Custom Advanced)
    Press Shift + F10 on your keyboard
    type the following commands
    Hit Enter
    list volume
    Next you will select the volume where you would like to install Windows 7
    Type: select disk #
    # represents the number the volume
    Type: clean
    convert mbr
    create partition primary
    format quick fs=ntfs

    Upon attempting this I found that When attempting to select the Hard drive which I can see in the diskpart menu it says "The Disk you specified is not valid" It lists it as healthy.... shows it as 931 g
  12. New Info, When I take the HD from my Old Computer, Also Sata, 750 Gig, and I Try to boot with that it see's this drive fine.......... The New Drive if put into the old computer works perfectly.... anyone got something for me???
  13. Really? No one's got any thoughts?
  14. Rukas191. Did this ever get sorted??? Having exactly the same problem.

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