Upgrading graphics card in GX280

I have a Dell GX280 small desktop and I'm running Windows 7 Professional. I did a performance test and it came back telling me that the 3D graphics had to be upgraded because my computer wasn't able to run the Aero program that Windows 7 has.

How do I go about this. I'm 61 and don't know very much about that area with computers. Would I just install or upgrade a graphics card.

Please help. Thank you.

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  1. A dell Optiplex GX280 is kind of really old, and it'll be a bit difficult to find a good GPU for it?
    Do you run any graphically intensive applications like any games?
    Or is it just for running Aero?

    Are these the exact same specs of the PC you're having, sir?

    How much are you willing to spend? :)
  2. The computer case that you have requires a low profile video card and like Gman has asked for what purpose do you need the upgraded video card. It does make a difference as to what card you should be looking at. Right now you might be using intergrated graphics and not a dedicated video card.
    Give us a budget amount so we are not suggesting a video card that you cannot aford.


    This is an example of a low profile card and if you look at the last picture you will see that it comes with a couple of brackets so that you can change out the three port bracket for a low profile two port bracket and just use the port that your monitor needs. The top port would be unpluged to accomodate the two port bracket.
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