Thermaltake Frio anormal fan speeds

Hello, i have a problem with this cooler fan speeds, this coolers was working fine since last 5 months but now the rpm go up and down for secs from 1900rmp to 2500, and the cpu temperature is always around 30-35c even if the cpu is idle with no tasks. i Use this cooler with a asus p8p67 and core i5 2500k, i dont use overclock and i used EPU setting for max energy saving and i always have before the cooler speeds at 1600rpm now i cant understand how to control this cooler speed. I have this problem since last week and i put 12 gb of ram. I use before 4 always.
I will appriciate if someone can tell me how to low and put a stable fan speed -.- or if i have to change for a new cooler.
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  1. You should contact thermaltake for a replacement.
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