LG Flatron W2361V OSD locked menu constantly popping up on screen >:(

So I ust st up my new gaming rig this morning and dug out my old LG Flatron w2361v but when I hook it (VIA DVI) a box pops up over and over saying "OSD locked" if I unlock by holding the menu button then the menu pops up constantly and random scrolls through settings flashing on and off like an epileptic is spazzing out on the buttons.

This is really awful and I cant find any suggestions online apart from "Hold the menu button for 10 seconds"

It seems to be a common problem from my googling though but no clear solutions...

This. is. driving. me. NUTS!
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  1. I think I am going to pop the monitor open and look around. Maybe disconnect the buttons somehow.. or smash it with a hammer. Haven't decided yet
  2. sounds like one of the buttons is sticking or shorting. open it up and take a peek. wipe ooff the contacts with a q-tip
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