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I have a dell Vostro 1500 laptop. I use it to play internet poker. But when I start playing the system becomes slow and when I check task manager the perfromance tab shows CPU is @ 100% (pretty much most of the time and does'nt fall below 90% unless I close the software . RAM is @~1.8GB out of 4GB .
I will be building a 1200$ gaming rig in January and I don't want to spend on hardware upgrade for my 6yr old laptop right now.
But I need it to work more smoothly till Jan 2013.
How do I do this?

My Config :
Intel core2duo T5470@1.60Ghz
NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS

I can't do anything about the softwares I will be running ( like I run only the ones I really need it), and the other stuff running in the background take < 7,000K .
I have Vista Home premium updated to the latest service pack 2 . I have VIsta set for max. performance in the visual settings option and even have the battery icon adjusted for best performance.
I have a Benq G2222HDAL connected to the laptop as a secondary monitor.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Try closing every other program and every other tab except for around 3 and see what happens.

    What website is it?
  2. Maybe a virus? Try downloading MalwareBytes (free) and doing a full scan.
  3. Hi guys, It's not a website, it's just like a game.. and my comp is capable of running it in recommended config.. but as I add more tables,etc (which I can't avoid), I need to have really good computer to run it smoothly. It runs smoothly when I close some other supporting software which I need to run side by side.
    Right now the CPU usage is <25% (I have the poker client closed) .
    I have avira anti-virus installed. I know my laptop is slow, but I was just wondering if there is a way to squeeze more performance from the cpu till Jan.
    I want to know the options available.

  4. @Jay_nar2012 - I read them and from what I understand, I don't think any of those will improve me CPU.. My RAM is 4GB and hardly the usage crosses 2GB even when the CPU usage is at 100%. The main problem is my CPU only. Will upgrading to windows 7 be worth it?
    Can I upgrade my CPU now? any idea how much it'll cost for my laptop?
    (still I'll be using it only for <4 months.
  5. I can't install forefox for some weird reason.. I download it, and when I allow it to install nothing happens.. How do I solve this?
    I use chrome and it takes ~300,000K when 3 tabs are open..
  6. Open task manager and check which process is using most of your cpu.
  7. If that game is not programmed efficiently, you can't really do anything more other than using a faster CPU...
    The game is eating up all of your CPU, probably to show the graphics/ opponents.
    If the laptop isn't sluggish in responding, why do you mind if it goes up to 100%? That is why you have the CPU in the first place.

    If windows are sluggish though, you can go to task manager, right click on the process and lower its Priority to something lower.
  8. Windows has become really slow these days even when I'm not playing. Just having the client opened. I have attached screen shots and noticed there is a lot going on.
    But I don't know which ones to close and I tried this last time and windows log-in screen got corrupted and I had to take the HDD out and format it.

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Hopefully I can get some help here :)
  9. Disable 'system idle process'.
  10. I'm not able to right click on "system idle process". If I click end process I get a message saying " this operation cannot be processed". Right click does'nt work.
  11. It looks like you are running some sort of SQL server. That will take a segment of your cpu power. Also it looks like there are a bunch of useless processes running.
  12. Yes. I play poker and I need to connect the poker tracking software to sql server. I used to do this earlier too, but everything worked smooth. For the last couple of days, I'm not able to do anything and CPU usage is way too high all the time.
    Can you spot me the useless processes I can end without a crash.

  13. All these ~should~ be safe to kill without crashing the system but I cannot promise.
    If it causes an issue, then simply reboot.

    PBESER~1.EXE <- Not sure what this is
    vdDaemon.exe <- Not sure if ending this will be an issue
    ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter.exe <- CPU hog
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