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hello my pc will run fine if i dont install any drivers for my graphics card but when i install any driver my pc will crash on game and on installing programs and on the internet it is just random. It will come up with a black screen sometimes grey and sometimes a blue blank screen and will not let me do anything the keyboard freezes too and will not respond. Is my gpu faulty or is there a setting i need to change in my bios???? help please its a new build also my bios is up to date and iv tried installing drivers from cd and from amd website same thing happens.

i bought my parts from scan.co.uk and returned the psu and gpu they said my gpu was fine and passed a benchmark (on mine it would freeze if i try to open a benchmark) and the psu was faulty and they sent a new one but it didnt change the problem. also i ran mem test overnight the results are clear.


mobo - sabertooth 990fx
cpu - phenom 965
gpu - msi 6870
ram - 8gb vengance ram 1600
psu - antec truepower new 650w
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  1. How about temperatures, are they fine?
  2. hello yh the temps are seem fine. I ran prime 95 in safe mode and it seemed fine no cut off, I managed to do a gpu benchmark last month and it was fine and temp was good and no artifacts the benchmark was in furmark benchmark but now i cant run a benchmark as i get a crash every 5-10 minutes when i first built it it would crash every 20-30 mins now its got worse.
  3. How did you install the drivers? Did you uninstall the old drivers before installing the new ones?
  4. iv tried installing driver form the disk and tried the latest drivers from amd. and yh i uninstall the gpu drivers before i install the new one's
  5. If you have multiple sticks of ram pull one out at a time and see if you can run a benchmark completely. It also could be you hard drive,believe it or not,I once repaired a coworkers computer that had similar issues and it was the hard drive.
  6. I would try a windows reinstall at this point, if you have checked major hardware, the last key parts you have left is windows and your mobo, and your mobo seems fine at this point.
  7. i have tried single sticks of ram and i have re installed windows same thing happens
  8. i only have 1 internal hdd. could i create a new partion on my 1tb external hdd and install windows and see what happens?
  9. Try an earlier version of the drivers, like 11.12 or something, for some reason the newest drivers were having problems for me.

    Also use Driver sweeper after uninstalling and going into safemode, wipe the display drivers, then reboot and install new drivers.
  10. i have tried older drivers and same thing
  11. Yeah create a small partition (like 50Gb) and install drivers + furmark and see what you get, have you checked the HD with HDtune or similar? have you also ran memtest with one stick of ram at a time and run windows memory diagnostic just to be sure
  12. i tried the driver sweeper and uninstall and the same thing i also have done the hd tune and my hdd is ok. is there anything i can change in the bios maybe?
  13. hello i went to my freinds house yesterday and tried his old gpu and bingo my pc was working and runing my games no crash. so what could the problem be?
  14. I'm guessing a faulty GPU? so here is what to do, install your GPU into your friend's system and update its driver to the latest version - if it crashed then we know what the problem.
  15. i cant install my gpu in his pc as his pc i rubbish
  16. The MSI 6870 is probably overclocked by the factory normally its not a problem, but try to underclock it by around 50Mhz and see what happens (grab MSI afterburner to do it, or use catalyst doesn't really matter)
  17. tried it still same i also put fan on 100% and still black creens i reckon its the gpu as my freinds gpu works in my pc
  18. Is it just a black screen or completely shutting off? also if your running comodo it might be doing something funny, I know I have to set permissions or else it wont let direct x run then it completely locks up my pc.
  19. hello i did a total format today and re installed windows with latest drivers and same problem :( and my pc will black screen or sometimes grey or sometimes blue its crazy. also my pc will stay on and not respond to anything on the keyboard the pc will freeze on that color screen i can open my dvd drive tho.
  20. Yeah its most likely the GPU then, since if it was a power supply failure then it would simply shut down or something similar (also extremely noobish question but do you have the power cables plugged in to the card... don't bite my head off...its happened)
  21. haha yh i do i have the 2x6 pin in also i tried the 2x6 pin modular cable but made no difference
  22. Yeah, thought so. Can you RMA it? if so I would if not then it should be still under warranty but it might cost some money for shipping :/ Tell them that you tried it with 2 different power supplies all above spec for that card and it does it on both.
  23. yeah scan has arranged collection for today so i don't have to pay. ill keep you updated on what goes on.
  24. Sweet, good luck man.
  25. i got an email from scan today and my card was tested faulty so im waiting for replacement :)
  26. woot, grats man :)
  27. cheers mate :) was thinking of paying the extra and getting a nvidia 670 what do you think?
  28. 670s aren't out yet

    if you mean a 680 then hmmmm thats almost 300 bucks more then the 6870 you have now.

    I personally would use that 300 to grab an i5 + good mobo. but thats just me.
  29. sorry i meant 570*
  30. don't want to go Intel as just bought my CPU and mobo and haven't got to use it lol cant wait for my gpu back, also i heard amd are bringing out some new cpu's that will be similar to i7 don't know if it true tho.

  31. according to that benchmark it performs around 13-15fps better, but in other games the difference can be as small as 5-10 fps (just cause 2, lost planet, etc)

    I personally wouldn't spend an extra 100 bucks for 15fps
  32. okay will just crossfire the 6870 :) just don't want the lag problem, cant remember the name for it
  33. i got a 7850 in the end :D should be here tomorrow :) i really hope my problem is gone
  34. Nice, the 7850 is a bit better then the 6950 and uses less power then a 6870
  35. yeah i have seen benchmarks and if i overclock it i can get a 20% increase and it is just behind a 580 stock
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