Ati Radeon 4850 didn't have "Heat pads"

My Ati Radeon 4850 doesn't have Heat pads, which sit on the memory i believe?

it's a Ati radeon 4850 powercolor, it was brought brand new and when I opened there was no pads.

But my Ati radeon 4850 ASUS had these it because they were inside a Fan case?

The powercolour doesn't have a case around it just a fan sat on top.
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  1. if there isn't a heatsink for the pads to make contact with, there isn't need for those pads in the first place...
  2. I think the heatsink sits above them about a cm or so.

    It's like...

    -_- that shape with the fan clipping to the top of it.
  3. so the heatsink isn't even meant to touch the ram chips.. no pads needed.
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