What do you think of my build??

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  1. Looks good!
  2. You might want to get a bigger PSU, apparently the know-it-all geeks on this forum think 750w PSU is a minimum requirement for GTX 670.
  3. http://www.realhardtechx.com/index_archivos/Page362.htm

    a single GTX 670 will be fine on the Seasonic 620 watt
    It might even be OK in a SLI set up, since its almost identical to the seasonic built Corsair HX 620 , and they are known to be absolutely stable at 700 + watts
  4. Actually, 500W is min for GTX 670.
  5. azeem40 said:
    Actually, 500W is min for GTX 670.

    toms has 247w and and anandtech has 317w on total system load. i doubt the card ever reaching 500w load on its own.
  6. loaded to about 60% of the rated wattage is about right .

    And indicates the 620 watt seasonic would handle two GTX 670's in SLI , if you are prepared to push that line a little
  7. i dont like the 212 for that cpu if your going to overclock. that cooler really is over rated and will fade away with IB cpus.
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