Enabling tx power adjustment with rtl8187 chipset?

wifi usb ovislink airlive1700 adapter has adjustable tx power and engenius eub9693 with same chipset and utility does not! Any ideas how to enable it with eub adapter('swallow' the airlive driver somehow although iwconfig in linux does not allow for setting it's tx power either)
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  1. Although it has the same chipset, it's the adapter manufacturer who decides which chipset features are actually available to the end user. In any event, leaving TX Power at the default is always the recommended action since increasing it can have negative effects such as:

    * overheating of the power amplifier chip and the card which will cause lower efficiency and more data errors;

    * overdriving the amplifier which will cause more data errors;

    * excessive power usage for the card and this may overload the 3.3V power supply of the board that the card is located on resulting in voltage drop and reboot or excessive temperatures for the board.

    * Life-expectancy of the adapter is greatly reduced.
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