Gtx 560ti vs HD 7850

hi. Im deciding which one to get. I know the 7850 is a better graphics card but is the 50$ premium worth it? At what point is there a diminishing return on your money? (like the diminishing returns on anything higher i5-2500k )

thanks! :hello:
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  1. I would say that it is worth the $50 to get the 7850 since the performance is compareable to a GTX 580, just like it would be worth the same amount to get a 580.
  2. Hes talking about the 7850 not the 7950 :p. Sure the 7850 is a little better, but I don't know about $50 worth. If you want to save on your electric bill and are worried about power draw then get the 7850. Otherwise the older 560Ti is a better value :p
  3. Here is a link to show a lot of drfference in the two cards. They go hand in hand with each other But there isn't really any difference in price. The avg of the 560 ti's are 259 and the 7850 is 259.

    I know that we can get some of 560 ti's below 200 dollars so it would boil down what you want to do. Well I hope this helps a little and I wish you good luck.
  4. Well it depends on what I need the cards to do. The 560's are a good solid card for gaming. The 7850 is also. Then I would look at my budget. So if I get the card for 200 dollars now I have 60 dollars to buy something else.

    The EVGA has the best warranty and good customer service. I don't know to much about zotac but just last night the price for that card was 164.99. I like the Nvidia cards the best.

    There drivers are better than AMD's. The 560 ti is going be hanging in there for a year or two. By then you would have to do a good up grade. Then back to what do you want out of the card?

    How heavy are you into games and such? But me I would go with the 560's buy now then a little later get another and go SLI. Two 560 ti's are faster than one 580. I hope this helps and not cause more questions good luck.
  5. I am a very big fan of ATI'S new cards and i believe there will be a great marketing value in the near future for Price/Performance but as of now its charging a small but substantial premium and its very understandable, its a new techbut its only bound to get better with new drivers. With the current drivers it Currently beats out the Gtx 560 Ti and trade blows with the gtx 570 with its current drivers, so expect a 10-15% increase with updates from the CCC.

    Heres a review of the Radeon HD 7850/70:,3148.html

    as Dm186 the GTX 560 ti is a very hard card to beat in Price/Performance so i would also recommend it.

    IMO the 7850 is a little justifiable as it being around 20-25% stronger with current drivers but is it worth it? Thats the choice your going to have to make, But i would opt for going for the 7850 and i also like XFX and Visiontek for their lifetime service and decent Customer service.
    Honestly i think you would be happy with a GTX 570 but a HD 7850 will outperform it, but i'd reccomend that zotac gtx 560ti because it has very good value i think you would be very pleasantly surprised with it

    With whatever choice you make i hope you are happy with it and last but not least HAPPY GAMING ! :D
  6. computernewb said:

    You should consider a few things, the GTX 560 is seriously hard to beat for value, however I myself am going to opt for a 7850 because: #1 new drivers. They simply work better than the previous, and games to come will not neglect the new drivers.
    #2 power draw, the less it is the more effiecient for cash and elss heat in yuor system.
    Ofcourse there are a few negligible things inbetween, but generally it's like saying "Should I buy the GTx 560 for £160 or the 590 for £350". They both do different things.
    The reviews for the 7850 however are for #1: A model they overclock themselves or #2: of the model AMD sent them. The ones coming out in the market will have cheaper coolers and get down clocked by the manufactorer (saphhire, Asus, Gigabyte etc) so they can save on costs themselves.
  7. I'm currently asking myself the same question, and I keep floating back and forth between which seems like the better choice.

    I like the 560 ti because it's a damn good value. FFS, you can find them for below 200 USD!

    But, what you have to remember, is that the 7850 has 2gb GDDR5, wheras the 200 USD 560 Tis are almost exclusively 1gb.

    Most of the 2gb 560 Tis are in the 250 USD range, so I think the two are at pretty much eye level as far as value is concerned. This is where I start to favor the 7850, because not only does it begin to approach GTX 570 levels of power in many reviews, but this is literally just a matter of days/weeks after launch, and like somebody else said, the numbers can only get better as new drivers are released.
  8. My current video card is about to die and I am trying to decide what to get. I am willing to spend ~$250, so the 7850 or 2GB 560ti? I'm not even looking at the 1GB 560ti. The other option is wait and hope my card can keep going a little bit longr and see what nVidia brings out next, but are they going to bring out anything in the $250 range with Kepler?
  9. Yea as of now, im leaning towards the 7850, just because its new :P
  10. I would opt for you to spend what ever is in your budget.i Believe when the 7850's drivers mature it will be 10-13% faster than the gtx 570 or even more but these current drivers are actaully really stable & reliable but we will see.

    On a side note i have a single 6870 solution and it performds similarly to the 560ti (5-10% dif) and i wish i could have some more frames so i would reccomend the 7850!
  11. unless your in a rush to get a new gpu id wait to see what nvidia have to offer, but if not the 7850 should preform better than a gtx 560ti and i would edge towards the new tech although the gtx 560ti is pretty good price/performance wise
  12. I too was pondering getting one of these two, and in the end I've decided I'm going to go with the 7850.

    I have a pretty nice 500W unit in my comp, but I worry that if I get too many external hard drives or something... it might push the 560 too closely to it's limit. I really like the 7850 because the reviews show it just sips power, but still packs a decent punch.

    But the reason I'm reviving this dormant thread, does anyone think nVidia is going to bring out a mid-range 600-series any time soon? I mean I imagine they will surely come up with something to match the 560, eventually... Though they might hold out to try and sell their existing stocks of 560s. So yeah, anyone hear anything regarding that?
  13. you Might have Major issues with the 7850 i would not get it yet wait till newer drivers come out and they fix the dang piece of crap check out my Forum
  14. I have read BF3 uses about 1.5gb of VRAM if it has access to that. Sure, the 560 ti 448 or 570 may perform similarly to the 7850, but opting for 2gb is the more reasonable choice. That is why I went with the 7850 personally.
  15. Well I got a Sapphire 7850. No driver problems, no blue screens, no black screens. The only thing that is crappy is that WoW in DX11 only gets single FPS. I hope they tweak the drivers soon. Oh well, by the time they do I won't be playing WoW anymore, game card expires soon and I'm not re-upping. BF3 is a nice improvement over my old Nvidia 8800GT with 512MB of RAM! ;)
  16. vfighter said:
    Well I got a Sapphire 7850. No driver problems, no blue screens, no black screens. The only thing that is crappy is that WoW in DX11 only gets single FPS. I hope they tweak the drivers soon. Oh well, by the time they do I won't be playing WoW anymore, game card expires soon and I'm not re-upping. BF3 is a nice improvement over my old Nvidia 8800GT with 512MB of RAM! ;)

    nice. did you get the OC edition? it has a better heatsink/fan than the reference sapphire. many reports that the OC edition will OC further to 1200/1450 easily with a slight voltage bump. i'm currently running mine at that level and it stays under 70c at load and beats the 580/7950 in all benchmarks. check out the link for more info:
  17. I am in South Korea, so the exact P/N doesn't match up to the U.S. P/N. But looking at the default core and memory speeds it is not the OC version. I'm still happy with it, and the price was good, basically the same if I would have ordered from Newegg and paid for shipping, and this way no waiting! :D
  18. And I guess as far as my WoW comment, WoW is heavily CPU limited, and I'm still using the same old CPU. It still seems weird to me though, when I check DX11, shouldn't it realize to unload all the heavy lifting onto the GPU?
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