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Hello, I am having some trouble trying to connect to a different network. It seems when I click connect to a network there aren't any networks listed. Now, I know there are networks available near me because I have connected to them before it just seems that now some service or setting is disabled on my laptop that is preventing me from viewing other networks near me. Not sure what it could be but I have tried figuring it out and I couldn't. So any help would be much appreciated, thank you.
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  1. Did you accidentally disable the wireless radio?
  2. Maybe I did and didn't know it. Would that be under services or startup programs or something? I think some of my services are disabled that shouldn't be but I don't know which ones and I can't run my system configuration utility for some reason either, when i try and run the program it says " the dependancy group or service has failed to start." So i figure its something do with my services but not sure how to fix it.
  3. No, it's either a switch on the laptop or a function key.
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