Need advice on my gaming rig

Hello everyone,

I am new to this custom building and I came up with a build i think will suit me well for gaming. My original goal was to get a ~ $600 build but couldn't. What do you all suggest? Or should i go with Intel? Also, does my PSU suffice? And will all the parts work well together?

Many, many, many thanks in advance.

Mobo: $95

CPU: $110

Video Card: $150

PSU: $45

Memory: $45

CD/DVD burner + media: $20

HDD: $80

Fan + Heatsink: $30

Case: $50

OS: $100

Total (before rebates/shipping) = $725
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  1. For the price, perhaps you could do slightly better.
    Check out my $650 build here.
    Switch to this HDD Save $10
    Switch the PSU I have in my build to this one Save $15
    Then you're solid. You got an i5 3450, an MB that can still SLI/CF and a 6870
  2. ok thanks. so other than the HDD and the PSU, should i switch anything else? Im choosing to keep the AMD build because in the squidoo link I feel like the mobo is lacking just a little bit. Will my parts work well together? and Once again, is the wattage (430W) enough for my build?

    thanks again
  3. Ehhh Lacking is hardly the case. The MB I recommend in my $650 build still does Crossfire at 16x/4x like the motherboard in your build, but you save bout $20. The i5 3450 is by far much better than the FX-4100 in gaming and in really anything. Even after the FX-4100 overclocks.

    FX-8150 vs i5 2400
    The i5 2400 beats the FX-8150 in nearly every bench, especially in gaming. Also keep in mind the i5 3450 is slightly better and saves more power.

    As for your build or my build, both would be fine with the CX-430.
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