Is this normal or is a problem?

hi i dont know if i have a problem or is a normal behavior, but when i push-up with my finger my graphic card (ATI 7950 on the pci-e slot) my monitor lost the signal until i reboot my system

is this normal or i have a issue on my new mb or vga? i hope someone can help me

thanks you and sorry for my english
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  1. First off, why are you trying to touch your 7950 when it's on? I'm surprised you haven't shocked your entire system to death.

    Are you sure your video card is seated properly? Shut down your computer, unplug the power from the wall, and re-seat your video card.

    Don't touch ANY components of a computer while it's on. You could possibly kill yourself - start a fire - kill all your components in your computer.
  2. do you have your card screwed in?
  3. Not a good Idea to be playing around inside while the PC is on. Just touching a circuit board you probley wouldn't feel anything because of low voltage, but you could have shorted out something.

    Or worse caused your system to fry. It takes less than an amp to kill some one. When your PSU is pushing 15a to 20a on the 12v rail if that hits you, you could be pushing daisys.

    I would do what was suggested above and reseat it and if it isn't broken then don't fix it. In other words don't play with it before you brake it. Good luck to you.
  4. It may take less then one amp to kill someone, but 12v or less which is inside a PC is not going to do it, takes a lot more then that to cross our skins natural resistance.

    But on the other hand it takes a tiny short to fry any circuitry, though more then likely that will not happen unless you have wet/damp hands once again due to high skin resistance.

    More then likely u are just slight unseating the card and causing it to have loss of connection issues
  5. When I stick my finger into my cpu stops spinning, and it hurts, is this normal?. But then I jam a screwdriver into my powersupply, and I forget all about the finger in the cpu fan. :sarcastic:
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