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Hi guys. I am new to this so sorry if I have done something silly.

I have an AMD Phenom II X6 1055t 2.8GHz running on an Asus M5A78L LE with 2x 2GB DDR3 Crucial Ballistix Tracer RAM.

I have followed THIS guide on how to OC.

Within windows I see that I am at 3.71GHz using Core Temp & CPU-Z. When I try to use Cinebench, the temp goes up, obviously. When it hits 48 degrees C the CPU speed drops to 1.0GHz with the multiplier down to 4.0 from 14. Voltage @ 3.7 GHz is 1.452V and at 1.0GHz 1.320V. This is according to CPU-Z. I have not changed any voltages as the guide says there is no need.

When the temp goes down to 36 degrees, the speed shoots up again until 48 degrees is reached.

I have disabled quiet n cool & C1E support as the guide suggests. I have changed power options in control panel, I have tried while running game booster. I also downloaded something called K10Stat after a google search but don't really understand how to use it.

I have been sat here all night trying to figure it out and I am done :( I would love it if someone could help.

Thanks a lot
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  1. How are you reading your temps, via bios or software. You maybe getting a wrong reading on temps, and they may be higher than whats being reported. Most current processor will automatically under clock if the processor gets too hot even if you do have cool&quite disabled, this is to prevent damage to the processor. If the processor is under clocking because it's getting too hot you have two options, first reduce your overclock or second replace your stock cooler with a more efficient one.
  2. You should not have tried to overclock your CPU with the stock cooler. The stock cooler is good enough for everyday use but can not handle the extra heat from overclocking. I would lower the overclock to begin with then get a good aftermarket cooler like the Hyper212 Plus or Hyper 212 EVO.
  3. I dont have a stock cooler. I have forgotten what it is EXACTLY but it says venom on it. It has a fairly large heatsink & fan on it.
  4. Bios said 51 degrees, core temp said 38 degrees across all cores. Hope that helps
  5. O I thought you were still using the stock AMD cooler. What are you using to read the temps BIOS or a software progam like HWMonitor or CoreTemp?
  6. With such a big difference in temps one is giving a bad reading. Download one more program HWMonitor and see if that gives a similiar reading. If it closer to 51 degree then core temp is wrong if it's the opposite then BIOS is wrong. Also are these temps at idle or under load?
  7. Does your motherboard have LLC (load line calibration) If so try upping that a bit, it gives your CPU a little voltage boost when heavily loaded.
  8. Those temps were idle.

    I tried LLC when a friend suggested it. In my bios it goes from 0% up to 100% and you choose which you want if enabled. My friend said 100%, I got BSOD when I did this at the windows password entry screen.
  9. There's a whole section of the forum for overclocking....why do people always post in CPU&Components when there is a dedicated OC section. :/
  10. Ok the the next thing I would do is take off the heatsink clean off the old thermal paste and re-apply. Also make sure the heatsink is seated right.
  11. Done, twice :(
  12. rich32G said:
    Done, twice :(

    Can you take pictures of the amount of paste and the cooler?
  13. amuffin said:
    Can you take pictures of the amount of paste and the cooler?

    Rest assured, that is fine. I might be new to OC'ing but not to putting components together...

    I have dropped it back to 3.2GHz. It went through Cinebench fine once and gave me a great score. Then I tested it with Prime95 and it did the throttling type thing.

    Thing is, I tested it with my video editing software which is probably the most load I ever put my PC under and it stayed at 39 degrees according to Core Temps and stayed at 3.2GHz. So, it's got me thinking, if that is the most load I ever subject it to I might just leave it at that and assume my cooling is inadiquate for more?

    My cooler is an Akasa Venom CPU Air Cooler AK-CCX-4002HP - 120mm
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