GPU clock acting funny...

I have a HD 5970 (which is a 2-in-1 card with an internal CF). I've played around with overclocking the thing and have settled on 850/1150 using Afterburner and setting the core voltage to 1162.5mV.

When the 12.2/3 AMD driver came out, I freaked out because it ruined Skyrim so I started a long, arduous journey involving uninstalling, sweeping, registry editing, installing that has me typing this question here today. I'm currently back with 12.3 ( :sarcastic: )...

Anyway, here's my situation:

Turn on computer. AB starts up automatically. AB's monitor shows GPU1's clocks at 725/1000 (the default clock speeds) and GPU2's clocks at 157/300 (the normal idle speeds).

At the same time, Catalyst Control Center's monitor shows GPU1's clocks at 0/0 with a temperature of 0C and GPU2's clocks at 157/300 (again the normal idle speeds).

The values of GPU1 will stay unchanged until the GPU is stressed.

Opening up GPU-Z causes all of the clocks to somehow synchronize. In other words, now all three of the monitors show the same values (either 157/300 or 850/1150 under duress).

As a final straw, the Windows Experience Rating for Aero and Gaming dropped from 7.8 to 6.0.

Any and all help, suggestions, advice and/or sanskrit poetry quotation is appreciated!
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  1. No luck with the core clocks, eh? Too bad...

    I did figure out what was wrong with the Windows Experience Rating. It has something to do with the 3D Application Settings in Catalyst Control Center.

    I tried various combinations of performance vs. quality without success. But it went up to 7.7 when I turned off Morphological filtering and changed the AMD CrossFireX Mode for 3D Applications to Disabled.

    Now I'm happy...
  2. It has been my experience with clock monitors that they do report the cores as being at idle and they are untill they are stressed. I have seen this with the cpu cores as well as the gpu cores and it does make sense that you are going to have the cores downclocked when not being utilized for 3D acceleration , to run the desktop 2D display is no kind of work for the gpu or cpu.
  3. Sometimes the gpu of the PC act really the funny things like as you said otherwise best of luck for the more experiments on gpu. :)
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