How do I configure a LAN network mix Windows 7 and Windows XP machines??

Well, I feel a bit confused as I'm far not a guru in these issues, but I'm having a (quite big for me) problem with a new machine I've got.

The thing is that the new machine comes with Windows 7 and it must be used as a server for accessing the internet in a home network in the way anciently know as Internet Conection Sharing, ie: The new computer (Win 7) accesses to the internet, the other computers (Win XP!!) access through the Win 7 machine. The new feature of the Homegroups of Windows 7 does not admit such mix (Win 7 and Win XP) not only in the sharing of the internet conection but even in the simple fact of configuring the LAN.

I've dived beneath tens of places where they explain that having a computer with Windows 7 in a LAN which has also computers running Win XP forces the use of "not automatic" (static?) IP's. Eventually, doing so I've been able to set up my LAN: all computers are able to acces the "server's" files.

But I'm not being able of enabling them the access to the Internet, because when I try to activate the "Internet Conexion Sharing" it forces again the use of "Automatic IP's" avoiding in this way the capability of the XP computer even to arrive to the "Internet Server".

If someone could explain me a way of doing such a thing I would be extremely grateful.
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  1. I have 1Win 7, 1 Vista. 1 XP, all desktops accessing my home network wirelessly. 1 XP laptop also accesses the home network wirelessly.

    The way I did this is by setting up a Home network, and giving it a name. Mine is MS Home. Then I setup a network connection on each computer. Then I connect it to the network using the passphrase I assigned earlier during setup.

    My router is Linksys WRT 54G. The wireless cards in the computers are Linksys WMP600N
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