EVGA GTX 560ti vs Sapphire 6870


So I'm wondering what GPU would be better for playing first person shooters (like BF3 and CoD, not to mention Combat Arms :hello: ). I'm looking for how quiet and reliable the GPU is, and am also looking at how far in the future it will be useful. I'm on a single 1680x1050 monitor. I've got the following build:

RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)

CPU: i5-2500k

Mobo: ASRock Pro3 Gen3 [...] 6813157279

Case: CoolerMaster HAF 912 [...] 6811119233

PSU: Antec 550W continuous [...] 6817371016

HDD: Crucial 256GB SSD


EDIT: After a VERY lengthy debate (which got personal), the best solution really summarizes it well. I think that 6870 is great for a lower budget where you're gaming on a low resolution with medium-high graphics. GTX 560ti is also a nice card. The 7850 (when it comes out) seems to be the best option, but also the most expensive. I would recommend reading through the stuff below if you're considering, since every reply contributes something (well.. almost).
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  1. I can vouch for the 6850. I'm running a single 6850 and it plays Battlefield 3 on Ultra @ 1080p with no Anti Aliasing. I'm getting about 40fps average. I actually have two of them, but I have not been able to get the Crossfire to perform optimally. I DO get a higher average fps, but there is too much micro stuttering.

    Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H
    8 GB G.Skill DDR3 1333
    AMD Phenom II X4 B55 @ 3.60 GHz
    Gigabyte Radeon HD 6850 Crossfire
    2 x 500 GB Seagate 7200 RPM
    1 x 1TB Seagate 7200 RPM
    Corsair TX650 PSU
  2. the 6870 is the better of the two I would say, but not by much, I would recommend getting a 560 ti because they have radeon hd 6950 performance for only $200
  3. Would you recommend the ZOTA or the EVGA versions? EVGA is a little more expensive, but it has much better reviews. Thanks, by the way... that really helps!

    EDIT: oops, sorry. Saw a few others with rebates that lowered the prices. Which manufacturer would you recommend?
  4. I would go for the MSI Twin Frozr GTX560ti.Their's a good deal going on with this one.$205 after MIR.
  5. Quote:
    $210 up front is still $210 play the rebate game the XFX 6870 is $145 after rebate and Zotac suck.

    So its okay to play the rebate game if its for an AMD card?
  6. Quote:
    For $235 up front for that 560ti OP would be better off going with the far more powerful 7850 for an additional $25 sum.

    The GTX560ti and the 7850 are about even.

    The 7850 is not far more powerful...
  7. I didn't choose the BF3 benchmark because they are equal I choose it bercause it's more relevant to what games the OP plays.The 7850 is roughly 5-10 fps faster than the GTX560ti.I'm just looking at it from a price point.$205 vs $270.Is $65 really worth 10fps and a 1GB of RAM?

    My main problem with your post is that you were saying it's far more powerful when to me it only seems slightly better....
  8. Okay, whoa! We're starting to get into 2GB cards. The thing is that I only have ONE monitor, and I've heard more often than not that 2GB only outperforms either 1) in much higher resolutions or 2) with multiple monitors. Also, I'm looking to actually buy the card, and most 7850s are out of stock at newegg at the moment (and Amazon too, I believe). Now, I AM going to play Battlefield 3 (along with other fps), but thanks for your input on all of these cards :). I believe that something else to consider is microstuttering.. if the average fps (this time frames) is higher, but sometimes there is a little bit of lag in between frames, I would get the more stable one. Higher FPS is outweighed by a more stable fps. Now, I do have to say that Zotac does, indeed, suck ;). Also, many of the cards you have suggested, there are considerable reviews about how loud the cards are. For example, the XFX 6870 is supposed to be better, but it's louder than a lawnmower. If it only outperforms a quieter card by a little bit (meaning about 5fps), then I would get the quieter card... especially if it's cheaper.

    Now, about rebates. I usually look at the rebate price, BUT I also look for reviews saying that the rebates are either 1) untrustworthy, 2) difficult, or 3) huge data mines (that last one I'm not TOO worried about). I think that right now the competition is between the 6870 and GTX 560ti (both 1GB) because the 7850 cards are out of stock. I'm going to be buying the card in about late April (I would think), so if there's anything else coming out (maybe an NVidia people are talking about?
    <.<), I can wait for it. Does anyone have any information about how STABLE of a framerate the 6870 and GTX 560ti give?

    Also, the MSI does look nice, but it's a little more expensive than other high-rated manufacturers. Any other opinions? Thanks for all of your input!
  9. Well if your looking to play BF3 on Ultra you would want something like a 2GB card.But you would need 2 cards anyway to get playable fps.

    Well if your not buying till April then you may see some changes in the market by then.Their still is no offical release date for the GTX6xx series from Nvidia but latest rumors were saying Q3 so I wouldn't expect seeing those cards when you go to make your purchase.However by then the 1GB 7850 should be on the market and it's definitly worth looking into.

    I have the exact same specs as you and I can tell you that with my 6870 I can maintain a 50fps+ average on high settings with x2 A/A.This is mostly possible do to the processor.I'm currently awaiting my second 6870 which should be here tomorrow and I can't wait for the eye candy goodness.

    It's expensive because it's one of the best cooling solutions on the market and it's MSI which is a quality name.
  10. Between the 6870 and GTX 560 Ti, the 560 TI is flat out a higher performing card. The other big difference is that the 560 Ti will overclock like crazy, while the 6870's are well known to have very little headroom for overclocking. Basically, with a 6870, there is little room to improve. With the GTX 560 Ti, you can reach high-end performance with overclocking. With a card like the MSI GTX 560 Ti Hawk, the 950 mhz core speed places its performance in the range of a GTX 570, 6970, or 7870.

    If you are curious about how smooth the gameplay is on BF3, TechReport has a great system for gauging smooth gameplay. Check it out:
  11. I bet AMD will release a 7830.Their's to big of a gap between the 7770 and the 7850.
  12. Wow I didn't even know their was a 6930.

    The gap from a 6870 to a 6950 isn't as big as a 7770 is to a 7850,imo.Making a 7830 seems appropriate this time around.

    At least they got the TDP right this time.Unlike the 5830 and 6790.
  13. 17seconds said:
    Between the 6870 and GTX 560 Ti, the 560 TI is flat out a higher performing card. The other big difference is that the 560 Ti will overclock like crazy, while the 6870's are well known to have very little headroom for overclocking. Basically, with a 6870, there is little room to improve. With the GTX 560 Ti, you can reach high-end performance with overclocking. With a card like the MSI GTX 560 Ti Hawk, the 950 mhz core speed places its performance in the range of a GTX 570, 6970, or 7870.

    If you are curious about how smooth the gameplay is on BF3, TechReport has a great system for gauging smooth gameplay. Check it out:

    Yeah, I've seen that. That was what I was talking about when I said that fps isn't all that matters ;) . Here, it really seems like the Radeons win out, guys. Go ahead and look (a few pages in). So I'm throwing in the 6950, too. It really seems to do better (at least in Battlefield) for first person shooters. I'm also going to play a bit of Skyrim, so it's not all-important, but still...

    I'm leaning towards the 6950. Especially this version (though quite a bit more expensive... anyone know a cheaper but still good one?):

    I'm also a little bit confused with 1GB vs 2GB. I always heard that it only mattered for high resolutions and/or multiple monitors. Also, I don't have enough to get two of these cards :ouch: , so Crossfire and SLI are out of the running for now.

    By the way, thanks to you all. I have noticed a little bit of stuff off-topic (Haliburton... :non: everyone's entitled to their opinion. Thanks for yours, though :) ), but overall very good statistics and suggestions. I've noticed most of you leaning towards the GTX 560 Ti, and I have to agree that it's the better of the TWO cards (sorry). But the 6950 seems EVEN better... anything from the GTX side? Also, any suggestions for manufacturers other than Gigabyte?
    A big minus with the 6950 is that there are no rebates, so it's expensive as hell. I don't know if I can...
  14. Are you sure? Only like two of the reviews mention "bugs", but even then it might be a CPU bottleneck. One guy had a problem loading maps (which shouldn't be GPU related, right?) and another had boxy shadows. I can always RMA, as well, right? Or do you mean they work, just not as well?

    EDIT: I'm looking here right now:
    Maybe that'll help some people out after me :) What do you guys think?
  15. Huh? What 7850? We were talking about 6870 AND 6950... also, I would appreciate it if you would provide some evidence. No offense, but the 560ti annihilates the 6870 in every test I've seen. I'm really leaning towards 6950, though. Also, I'm on a budget build so the 560ti being old does exactly what?
  16. It looks like AMD stopped making the 6950's so it's basically there until stock runs out.You'd think it would be cheaper because the 7850 replaces it but I guess not.Definitly not how they did it with the 5850's.

    Anyway I can't really reccomend the 6950 based on it's price.For that price you might as well go with the 7850 and hope to crossfire sometime down the road.But still that Twin Frozr GTX560ti for $205 after MIR is a great deal,imo.

    If your looking to max out BF3 you would want to go for a 2GB card.

    I'll try to find a better review.

    I forgot that with only 1 card you can't see the difference in the Ultra textures because you run into a GPU bottleneck before being able to see the difference in the VRAM.
  18. So what you're saying is that with 1 card, you won't be able to go to Ultra? I'm not really looking for high graphics, but I want this card to last a while. The 7850 is definitely getting out of my price range. I started with a 6870 which was under $200! Also, I did notice that your source, purple stank, mentioned that IF you were playing over a certain resolution and on multiplayer (which I'm playing multiplayer, but my resolution is much less), THEN you would need a 2GB card. I think I'll stick with the 1GB.

    Overall, (I know I've said this before :) ) I'm leaning now towards the 560 ti 1GB. The thing that's bugging me is that the Radeons outperformed the GTX on Battlefield (see matto's link I don't know what to do anymore! The Radeons seem to be much better for Battlefield, but the GTX seems to be a better card!
  19. Just one thing I think I should add is that those benchmarks from techreport are from November.Their have been many driver updates since then to improve performance on both Nvidia and AMD cards.

    The 1GB 7850 sounds like a good choice but if your on the fence at least wait just another week or two until all of companies release their cards.If anything it may start a few price wars and you may start to see MIR's.
  20. Have any of you noticed at what resolution the OP is using?

    Either the 6870 or 560 will play very nicely at 1680x1050. The 6870 may give a few fps on most games.

    Go for the best price and cooling.
  21. I did address the resolution in a previous post with my current setup as it is almost identical to the OP.
  22. So any advice on a quiet and performance-based 560ti?
  23. The Twin Frozr II I've been saying...

    Or the Zotac one if you wanted to go cheaper.

    OR you can wait for the 1GB 7850.
  24. Woops! I'm sorry, I forgot about that... guess I should've looked. That looks very nice. Truth is, I'm having a lot of trouble picking a best answer. Mainly because I've gotten my answer through an assortment of posts you guys have been putting up. Before I pick a best answer, I'd like all of you to know that your input has all been very valuable.

    Also, here's something interesting. In my cart in newegg, I had selected the 560 ti when I created the thread. After a couple of days and a lengthy... discussion/debate/argument... I'm buying the 560 ti (although a different manufacturer; MSI). But this entire thread has taught me (and hopefully others who will see this) that there is no definite ground on GPUs. Thanks to you all! :hello:

    EDIT: ah...hahahahaha :ange: never mind about that. I'll probably wait for the 7850 ;) . Hopefully the $$ won't be as much of an issue later on...
  25. Best answer
    Their really is no best answer lol.It's all personal preference.

    If you must buy now go with the GTX560ti,imo.But I really think waiting another week is a good idea.But all my opinion.In the end it's your decision.I've seen this a bunch of times of first time buyers where they go back and forth over and over.I know because I was in that position as not to long ago.In the end you'll be happy with it either way.

    Goodluck and Enjoy.
  26. Quote:

    Whoa, there! Hold on, there, cowboy! Those are $100 more than the cards I was saying were priced too high! Also, I'd say that summarizes everything, purple stank. Congrats. Best answer.

    BUT. You all really helped me, and all of your input was valuable. To ME, that reply wasn't the MOST helpful. But the thing is that only like 1% of the gaming population has my kind of resolution... and his would help others the best. His reply summarizes everything.

    EDIT: Okay, maybe not one percent (Haliburton :o ). My meaning is that my case is kind of specific, budget-wise and all, and most of this information can apply to other people more than me. For example, say the GTX performs WAY better on Dirt 3 (which would be ironic. I don't think it does, by the way), but WAY worse on Battlefield 3 (which is also not really true... they are almost the same). I play Battlefield 3 and those types of games, while another person might play more racing games. We would buy different GPUs, but the replies above (and the page back) led us to our specialized cards.
  27. Best answer selected by ddan49.
  28. I stand corrected :)
  29. Quote:
    1680 is the second most popular resolution on Steam with 1080P in first place but like I say 16:10 FTW

    I'm on an HP f2105 from like... before 2005. Still going strong! Not even a broken pixel! I haven't had too much experience with other monitors, but this setup isn't bad at all. Just seemed like most people had 1080p. We can take this to the monitors thread... how 'bout it?
  30. Here's the thread (sorry it took me so long... I had some stuff to do):
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