Good graphic card that won't bottleneck my fx 4100?

Hi all!

I just want to know what the best graphic card i could buy that won't bottleneck my fx 4100 processor. I currently have a 550ti that runs okay but i want more performance for the games that are coming out.

I am thinking of just getting another 550ti for $90 and sli it and save some money but I want more opinions.

And yes! I should've bought an intel processor but now its too late so don't suggest it, I am not willing to pay for another motherboard and a processor. I just want to the best graphic card for my processor.
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  1. A 6870 would be the MAX, you'd still have to overclock just a little though.
  2. Is Fx 4100 that bad? Seriously though I have seen some other post with people that have 6950's and gtx 560ti and running just fine with the processor.
  3. Yes it is. The Bulldozer will bottleneck high-end video cards.
  4. ATI Rage II should be about right for a Bulldozer. ;)
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