Fresh Load - Cannot Enable AMD Overdrive

Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H
8 GB G.Skill DDR3 1333
AMD Phenom II X4 B55 @ 3.60 GHz
Gigabyte Radeon HD6850
2 x 500 GB Seagate 7200 RPM
1 x 1TB Seagate 7200 RPM
Corsair TX650 PSU

1) OK, so I reloaded my OS (Windows 7 Ultimate) and installed all of the latest drivers for my video card - but now I cannot unlock the AMD Overdrive utility to overclock my video card. I can accept the license agreement, but then I come to this screen:

Once I enable Overdrive, the "configure graphics overdrive" link doesn't work and there is no other options for overdrive. I have tried re installing the drivers, installing older drivers (12.1), and enabling/disabling overdrive.

2) My second issue has to do with Skryim. Once again, I reloaded my OS, and loaded my steam backup from the day before. When I start Skyrim, the screen is full of artifacts and glitches like this:

I have tried playing without any mods and I even copied my old Skyrim folder from my past load to my current load - neither worked. Any suggestions??
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  1. I have those artifacts on my Skyrim as well, though it only appears for me when I set my AF to 8x or higher. Try lowering the graphics settings.
  2. Wow, that was easy. I turned off all AA and it fixed the issue... I wonder why it does that though?

    And I still cannot unlock AMD Overdrive. If anyone else has any suggestions that would be awesome!
  3. I never had the pixelating issue ( or small square whatever the heck you want to call them) UNTIL I updated to the latest Catalyst drivers. I was using AA to various degrees because of issues I was having with my new card. When I disabled AA it went away. Again I didn't have that issue with the previous Catalyst. I would use driver sweeper to clean out old versions of AMD and start afresh. On a last note, I don't even have the Crossfire option on my AMD Vision Control centre ever show up lol. Do you have to install something to be able to enable Crossfire?
  4. I am using the latest drivers with my 7970, and have no issues with AA in Skyrim. Where and how do you have your AA set?

    Not sure what is up with Overdrive. Mine doesn't have those switches to enable - I just go to the overdrive page and place a checkmark to enable OD.
  5. I'm not too worried about the Skryim issue anymore because I was not using AA in the first place. Apparently I reloaded and it set the graphics to ultra automatically. I can get barely playable frames with full AA, but I prefer a smoother experience with the AA disabled.

    @Kementiri: Yes I actually have two 6850's but I only use one of them. Crossfire is available but disabled because of microstuttering. I'm actually trying to sell my second 6850.

    *** Still need help enabling AMD Overdrive!!
  6. EXT64 said:
    I am using the latest drivers with my 7970, and have no issues with AA in Skyrim. Where and how do you have your AA set?

    Not sure what is up with Overdrive. Mine doesn't have those switches to enable - I just go to the overdrive page and place a checkmark to enable OD.

    When you launch Skyrim, a Skyrim Launcher should pop up unless your using a different launcher.
    You can go to options of the Skyrim launcher and set your graphics settings.
  7. do you use crossfire graphic card if not why do you have crossfire x under performance that where you should see graphic overdrive so if you dont use crossfire remove the crossfire driver
  8. There are two cards in the system. I can choose to enable or disable crossfire in the Vision Control Center.
  9. then if you press the crossfire in performance what you got
  10. Hi, i have the EXACT same problem as you in both skyrim and in enabling overdrive.

    1) skyrim glitch was an AA problem in the ATI driver, a new driver was released today for your card which fixes it (even with AA on) so go download it.

    2) I still cant get overdrive to work.. you make the boxes green, and the link just doesnt work.. i dont get it.
  11. Infact to add to this - About 3 weeks ago I did a clean windows install and the AMD overdrive was totally different in its layout , it has a long sliding bar whic hyou could set your overclock to - simple.

    With the clean install, Overdrive is just the simpl green/red slide box and 2 broken links - i dont understand why the format of the app has changed?

    Does anyone know about this?
  12. One thought I had is, maybe nothing is wrong with overdrive...

    Perhaps just by ticking the Green box does that enable 'automatic overclock'...

    i.e. there are no settings, but your pc just overclocks when it needs to as it needs to?
  13. did you try to press graphic overdrive
  14. I'm having the same problems, do you also keep having to accept the overdive license agreement every time you open the AMD Overdrive tab? I can reinstall the driver package and get to the GPU overdrive tab but after a few reboots the damn thing is gone again.
  15. you should try to install just the AMD overdrive
  16. no can i change the fan speed?why it s not working ati overdrive in 12.06 beta?
  17. @MrRager22: There is a link that says "Configure Graphics Overdrive." What happens when you click on it?

    I am running 12.6 and I don't have those box selections like you do. I only have a checkmark option to Enable Graphics Overdrive and it's running fine. You have a newer interface.
  18. that s the happens nothing when i click it!!it doesn t older versions it worked .it must be a problem for beta version.i e-mailed amd i m waiting for their response.
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