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S Video Input

I have an ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe installed. I am trying to connect my Hi8 camcorder to my system via S Video (and an audio cable) so I can transfer the tapes for storage and editing.

I have set it up in Windows Media Center for OTA TV so I know it works and the system knows it is there. I have a separate video card installed, also ATI based, so I have Catalyst 12.1 (or maybe 2) installed.

Basically I can't figure out how to make the connection, nor can I find anything on the Internet. Most searches turn up people recommending a USB device for making the transfer.

I've seen some suggestion that Catalyst Media Center will allow the S Video connection, but I can't find my original install disk nor can I find someplace to download that application. I think the latest version was 8 and that was for XP (or maybe Vista).

I tried setting up VLC media player to use the card but couldn't figure out how to configure it. I'm still pursuing that avenue.

I'm hoping someone here will just say, "Do this and it will work." I have every confidence in finding my answer here. You're a great and helpful community.

As an aside, I can't find the TV card in Device Manager, the Belarc Advisor report. Where would it show up on my computer?
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  1. You will likely need to buy a video capture card for your pc to get this to work.
  2. here is an example. you will need to make sure this device supports the type of file used by your camcorder.
  3. The ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe has a video capture feature. I just haven't been able to figure out to get to it. There does not appear to be a users' manual on the ATI site.

    Now it is entirely possible that the problem is on the camcorder side. I forgot to check that out. I'll do it right now and get back to you with the results.

    Just checked and the S Video from the camcorder is working fine.
  4. Did you folllow the instructions on to a T? make sure you use the "capture video" option as noted?
  5. Sorry about the ambiguity of my answers above, was in the middle of some work. I've reread your post, and it seems to me that you have everythign hooked up correctly, but you mention you do not have the install disk for Catalyst Media Center. This suggests to me that you are not executing the software side of this process correctly. Most PCs have Windows Media Center, which is similar to the Catalyst Media Center you mentioned. Since the Catalyst Media Center is not available for download, you could use Windows Media Center instead.

    Biggest thing i think is you have to tell the software to start recording the file from the S Video Input, which is step 7 on that list.
  6. kelthic said:
    Did you folllow the instructions on to a T? make sure you use the "capture video" option as noted?

    Pretty close.

    I tried using Windows Media Center, but from what I can tell you can't connect a video capture card through it with some serious tweaks.

    Tried Window Media Player but couldn't find an option to select an input.

    I have VLC media player installed and have tried most of the settings. I'll need to spend some time researching the questions I have as a result of my trial and error.

    I'm a "user manual" type of user. I like to read a hard copy of a manual. I'm not fond of trial and error. Been burned a few times, mostly by Apple's "fake" copies of files. Lost a lot of stuff that way.

    Right now I'm trying to figure out why the card doesn't show up in Device Manager or any of the other places that devices show up. There appears to be a cmd line program called DevCon that might display it, but that's a lot of work just to see the device. I know the card is working as a tuner so I know the system knows it is there.

    I just can't figure out how to select the S Video input.

    I just found the relevant section of the VLC documentation and printed it out. I'll give VLC another try with the documentation.

    The frustrating thing is that I seem to be doing everything correctly just haven't found the right "button" to make it work.
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    I understand the frustration. I have seen many similar forums to what you're experiencing, just with other tv tuners. I did find a forum that suggested the S-video input is for use with a set-top box and not designed for use with a camcorder. That answer in itself is pretty frustrating since a signal from s video is broken down into the same information prior to transmission as any other s video signal. :( i'll keep digging.
  8. Well it is working. I wish I could say I figured it out, but I just kept fiddling with the settings in VLC until it worked.

    I've taken notes and the SVideo input is selected in the Properties:Crossbar pop up window. Now I have to figure out how to find that dialog box again.

    Of course, now it appears that my camcorder may not be working properly. It seems to be starting and stopping. It is possible it is just old and dirty. That would be my luck. I finally figure out how to do the transfer and the camcorder dies.

    Thanks for your help. Sometimes you just need to talk through something to get it to work.
  9. I'm glad you got this working! Sorry i couldn't be more assistance or have an exact answer for you right off the bat!
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