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More about compatibility please
  1. Have you considered the i5 2500k?

    No but seriously unless your heart is set on AMD for some reason you might want to look into the i3 2120. It's at the same price point, and you can easily swap in a similar Asrock 1155 mobo.

    Also on that build there is absolutely no need for a 750watt power supply. You can get away with a 550w and save yourself some money that you can put somewhere else in the build.

    I like this one. Where do you think I should allocate the spare money?
  3. One thing you could try and find cheaper would be the case, $50 is reasonable, but you probably could find cheaper :P
  4. I'd take the 30$ you save from a cheaper PSU and upgrade the graphics card to the Radeon 6950 2GB. Gives you the most bang for you buck. Everything else looks solid to me.
  5. The 6950 makes a jump in wattage from the 6870. Is a 550w PSU still going to work with that?
  6. Yeah with no problem. If you're worried you can try entering your parts into the site below, but 550w for that card is more than enough.
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