EVGA OC GTX 560 Ti 2Gb version..

Well this card went on sale at the Best Buy in my town today for 254.99...worth a purchase? I'm slowly acquiring parts to build a new system, so I'm not directly upgrading my old one...but for all intents and purposes it's replacing an EVGA 8800 GTS, which is the newest component in my current PC, lol. Joined the military 3 years ago, life has been busy let's just say that.

I know I can find it online for about 270-280, and I know a lot of cards are on verge of being released..but I am leaving in a week for desert warfare training which is a month long. It's very hard to decide between this and waiting a month to see what's out when I'm back, but I'm not willing to spend much more than 300 either way, so please, any input is appreciated.

Oh and mainly this will be for Diablo 3 and BF3, which I can currently run on my system at the moment. Diablo 3 at about medium, and BF3 with everything on low or off @ 1024 x 768 ( I believe?).
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  1. Looks like a good price for the 2GB version. EVGA is a good brand, and the 560Ti is a great card (has it all, good performance, price, and power consumption). I guess the only question is whether you want the 1GB version or the 2GB version. I personally would go with the 2GB, but that is because I like texture mods in games and thus need it. What do you plan (or have) for the rest of the system? Also, if you think you might want to go SLI at some point in the future, the 2GB version would be better.
  2. I would say go for the 2gb, I have a 2gb 560 ti and when i run games with high res texture packs the extra gig of vram is nice, like in skyrim with a few texture mods and things that make the game look even more amazing, i ended up using 1600mb of the vram at 1920x1080, not to mention the 2gb is also kind of "future proofing" for games that may need the extra vram
  3. I'm going to run these:

    i5 2500K
    ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
    Corsair Vengeance 8gb @ 1600 MHz

    I've got plenty of HDD laying around, probably pick up a 7200 RPM 1Tb or SSD though in future. Case and PSU are up in the air, psu mainly because I'm undecided on a GPU. SLI is a possibility in the future, but I just want to run BF3/ Diablo 3 @ 1080. I know D3 isn't too GPU intensive as I'm in the beta and play it on my dinosaur of a machine.

    Edit: Re-read my last sentence and realized how ignorant it sounded, obviously the beta doesn't reflect the final build of the game 100%, but I'm taking a chance in believing that the beta and release will be pretty similar.
  4. I have this card and agree with the extra ram helping out, battlefield eats ram up like candy on ultra settings. Plus if you get this card and register with EVGA and get one of their extended warranties you can always use their step up program and get a newer card when kepler comes out and just pay the difference!

    *Plus if you decide to sli these later on you'll be very happy!
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