Fans wont turn off when I shutdown computer

Hey guys I'm having trouble when turning off my computer. After I replaced the psu with a cx430, the fans keep running even after I shut off my computer. I'm running win 7 ult on a p5kc asus mono with 2 gbs of ram and a core two duo CPu. Could it be the wiring because I'm running the nolee from my psu to my fan to my DVD drive
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  1. I'm not sure what you're getting at but I had a Corsair CX430 fry on me last week so I definitely know that problem. I wound up replacing it with a Seasonic X430 Bronze.

    Are you running the case fan and the DVD drive off the same PSU cable?
  2. Yeah, that's what i mean. Im running the case and dvd off the same psu cableAnd the pau is brand new, I got it this week. And in order to fix this problem, I have to turn onmy computer again and turn it off again
  3. My PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK 950W is the same way, but it turns off after like 10 seconds.
  4. my doesn't turn off after 10 seconds. it keeps going.
  5. it a glitch with the asus motherboards. take the power off the mb by unplugging the power cable from the wall for a few min and use the reset button/jumper on your mb.
  6. So how long does it really take for it to stop? Does it never stop?
  7. you mean resetting the CMOS? And the fan never stops spinning, I waited at least 5 minutes for it to stop. I just got the CX430v2, do I have to replace it. Also, this only happens after I play diablo 3. If I turn on my computer then turn it off, it won't happen. Also, does shutting off my computer fans using the manual shift damage my computer? my 6 year old m7640n's pci-e was damaged because i accidentally hit the power switch off with my toe and now I'm paranoid about my new computer.
  8. That sounds like the fans are spinning to cool down your PC. The fact that it happens when you play Diablo sounds pretty normal. If you think about it the system should heat up quite a bit after gaming so the fan running for a while is not a bad thing.
    If you want to check it out, you can simply check the temp right after gaming, then shut down the pc and let the fan spin for as long as it needs to. You will see that it will eventually stop. Depending on the cooling setup you have in your case and the temperature it reaches, it may simply need more time to cool down. If you see that after like a half hour they are still spinning turn it back on and re check the temp.
    Under no sircumstances can a spinning fan cause any damage to your pc, thats for sure. But manually shutting them down or turning off the auto fan control probably will!
  9. I actually let them spin for a while and this is the second time I've done it. But I didn't think it was the temp because my cause is pretty cool and there are five fans in there if you count t
    he one in my gpu CPU and psu. I'm also running a 8500gt but im going to reset the CMOS and check all the wiring tomorrow
  10. can anyone help? the problem keeps persisting.
  11. I see that there are many fan control functions in your BIOS setup. You should have a look at them (if you haven't already) and maybe set them to default. If you already have the default settings and this did not happen defore then it may actualy be the PSU. But it probably is worth a try to do a few tests with these settings, before you get a replacement psu.
  12. I already restarted the cmos. It only happens sometimes now, if i play diablo 3 and thne turn it off right away, then it keeps spinning but if i turn it off after waiting for sometime then the fans shut off
  13. i just found out that there is still power going to the dvd drive
  14. there should not be if it a good power supply only the 5v line should have power. i would see if someone has another ps before you rma your and see if it the ps or the mb. if you had a local shop replace the ps see if the work still covered and let them know of your issue.
  15. I RMA it today, just had to drive 15 minutes to the corsair warehouse to do a will call. So far, after shutting down my computer the fans stop spinning. But I've only had to shut it down twice so far.
  16. Easy fix, don't shut it down, just continue to play more diablo 3
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