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Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows if and how i can set up nVidia surround with 2 monitors. I do know that if I could I would have the thing with the bezel in the middle, I am not stupid, I simply want to try it out and see if I like it and if it is even possible.
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  1. Best answer here is a topic with a couple different software options that might help you with what you are looking for. Unfortunately, using nvidea surround is not going to work with 2 monitors.
  2. Thanks I will look into it, also I would just buy a third monitor but I dont have room on my desk unfortunately, unless i decided to mount them to my opposite wall which would cost me at least $400 that I dont have
  3. something like this might be useful for you in that case. It's not $400, but these still get expensive.
  4. It would need to hold 3x 21.5 inch but thanks
  5. here is one that states it can hold 3 monitors up to 24" wide.
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