What Graphics card should I get?

Hey everyone I live in Canada and for my shuttle PC that i'm building and I need some help choosing a suitable graphics card.
I have narrows it down to 3 cards.

Thats my price range also in the $120
The CPU is a Core I3 2120

Thanks guys if you have any other suggestions please feel free to throw it out.
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  1. i'd get the 7750 out of those.
  2. would that be the best card in terms of performance
  3. Yes to your question the 7750 would be the best out of the three you linked us to.
  4. the 7750 is the best of that list although if you can i would recommend saving for either a hd 7770 or a hd 6870, they are pretty much the same
  5. 7750 is recommended over a 550ti in most instances.

    edit: it also uses a little less power than the others also.
  6. Quote:
    LOL nice edit I was just going to read your take on the topic then bam message edited by looniam LOL

    ssshhhhhh :lol:
  7. why dont you spend 20$ more and buy this gtx 460 i found here:
  8. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/542?vs=535

    Panwala has a point imo, but honestly it's a slippery slope. Once you see the 460 for 20$ more, then you see the 6870 for 20$ more than that...

    After that it's an easy choice to stop at the 6870 if you're going to save up for a better card, because it's about 250$ to the next significant step up from there.

    Honestly if you're not a complete fanatic about your graphics the 7750 will make you happy.
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