Random crashes when under load, no BSOD.

My problem is that my desktop has problems with crashing with no BSOD and restarting. It took me a long time to be able to have it stay up long enough for me to install windows 7 or linux mint, but it eventually worked for long enough. It is not an overheating issue as I have managed to put a temp monitoring program on windows and it reads ~40 c when it is shutting down. The only thing that seems to make it happen is when I try to install something, such as windows or linux updates. I had searched around forums and have mainly seen that people with my problem generally had a psu issue. So I RMA'd my PSU and I still had the same problem when I got the replacement. I then brought it in to a local computer shop. They did their diagnostic tests and told me that the only thing that they found was that one of my ram sticks was bad. It still crashes with either of the ram sticks in the ram slot. I would appreciate it if somebody could help me out and give me some ideas as to where I should look to troubleshoot next.

Here is my components list:
Case: Corsair Carbide 500r
PSU: Corsair TX750
MoBo: Asus P8Z68 v-pro/gen 3
Ram: 2x4GB G.Skill RipJawX 1600
SSD: Crucial M4 128GB
HDD: 1.5 TB WD Caviar Black 7200RPM

Thanks for your time.
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  1. What version of bios are you running on your motherboard?
  2. check that your running the newest bios. I would also run chp-z and look at the jdec info of your ram and see what your mb is using. with newer ram that speed that the sell the ram at (1066/1300/1600 most time it the xmp profile. to get you ram to run the xmp profile you have to change a few setting in bios overclocking section. I would also check to see if the ram is on the mb guild list. also check that the ram is in the same color slots. on newer mb there are 4 slots two banks the a bank and b bank.
    some mb need the ram to be in a or b. if using two dimms. it be in the mb guild if not as long as there both in a or b. you should not have an error. the other issue with ram is sometime the mb timing or voltage is off. sometime you have change the ram timing or up the mb dim voltage from 1.5 to 1.6. if it not the ram try running prime 95 or intel burn in if it an intel cpu. you may have a bad cap or power reg on the mb and under load it reboots.
  3. Thanks, I fixed it, just needed to update my bios
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