Is the GTX 560 TI dated?

Will I have any performance issues running skyrim, mass effect 3, or BF on ultra?

I5 2500K
Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD4

I really do not want to spend an extra 200 on a 580 but if the 560 is super dated then I will.

Just want opinions.
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  1. EVGA 560 and 580 btw.
  2. The 560 is isn't exactly dated, but it's not the best card out there. The only reason I would say the 560 it's still going is because it overclocks well. If you can afford the 580 get the 580. If you can't get the 570. The 560 is a great card in sli but not by itself. I Personally from owning a 570 and a 580 I wouldn't go anywhere lower than a 570 for bf3. The steady frames really help when your online and the action gets going. Also they just dropped the 580's price to 430 so it's more reasonable now. It may even drop more once keplar comes out, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a second price drop.
  3. Don't get the 560, get the 560TI
  4. I am talking about the EVGA 560TI not the regular 560. The 560 just seems really dated and not able to keep up with newer games nowadays but I could be wrong. I'm sure in a year, the 560 will be nothing but an extreme budget card whille the 580 SHOULD still be good for another 2 years or so . hmmm...
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    zombie if you can afford the 580 go for it. I dont know what yobobjm is talking about the 580 blows a 560 out of the water. You would need two 560's to get the power of a 580. I have a 580 and love it. I get a steady 60 fps with 99% of my games. The only game that actually uses the full power of the card is battlefield 3, crysis 2 and metro 2033. I maintain 60fps on ultra with bf3, 55-60fps with cyrsis 2 and about 45-50fps with metro 2033. Every other game i own has never dropped below 60fps ever at 1080p. If your considering a 580 to even begin with im guessing you like steady frame rates and great graphics. Both cards will produce the graphics, but the 560 will be at 30fps while the 580 is at 60fps. Like i was saying earlier if your looking to play bf3 on ultra with steady frames and your not on a strict budget, i wouldnt go anything lower than a 570. Just to give you an idea of the jump between cards. My 580 gives me 60fps average in bf3. The lowest ive seen it go is 47fps. Thats everything maxed out. The 570 i had before that averaged 45fps with lows begin in the 30's range. This is all on ultra with AA turned down. Anything under 30 fps, plays like crap. The 560 now is already a budget card, thats why people buy one then pick up a second for SLI. With the 600 series coming out soon the cards going to start showing its age real soon. Atlleast with the 580 you can play everything now, and honestly probably skip the whole 600 series in general. I plan on grabbing another 580 when the times comes that i need something more powerful, and keeping them till the 700 series arrives.
  6. its not dated its one of the best cards for that price
  7. I will get a 580. 560 just doesn't offer the performance that I am looking for. Good budget card though.
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