Good for gaming?

Mainly wondering if the CPU will perform well while running games e.g garrys mod, minecraft, cs:s

this is my build, want it to be cheap but good, willing to spend maybe another $50 on CPU if I have to.


Will the motherboard hold the processor back from performing well and vice versa?

Thanks! :hello:
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  1. The G630 is an okay gaming CPU. The games you listed aren't too demanding, so the G630 will get the job done. If you want to play large Battlefield 3 games, or more demanding titles, you probably would want a better CPU.

    Which graphics card are you getting? The integrated graphics on the G630 are really bad for gaming, so you definitely need to invest in a graphics card.
  2. the g630 is a budget oriented cpu. at moderate resolutions and moderate cpu intensive tasks, its fine. its when you go into multi core tasks that involve 3 or more cores where the cpu starts to show its weakness.
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