Windows 7 freezes after new install

OK so my pc was working fine i was using DEV-C++ for my c programing class and everybody was happy :D. Then a friend recommended to instal Eclipse and i did but i was messing with the path in Environment Variables and mess them up so i decided to do a reinstall on the comp. Now i started the installation deleted all the old partitions created 2 new, system created one system partition and started the install all went well. First time running the new install i installed the chip-set drivers from the cd that came with my mother board,installed the network adapter and restarted the PC. After the Pc boots and my desktop appears everything works fine, as soon as i click on something then everything freezes and i cant do anything and commands don't respond at all, restart again but Pc goes to repair mode and give me some diagnosis and says that i might have HD malfunction. I tried to reinstall at least 5 times same thing every time. I know its not the windows 7 copy since i used the same copy on the lap top i am using right now. I am thinking its my HD but why it was ok just before i reinstalled the PC literally 20 min before new install ,and 20 min after the new instal HD is broken does not make sense to me. HD is only 3 mounts old with most of the other components.Am i missing something any help is appreciated. Thanks!!!

CPU: AMD FX 6100
Mother board: Sabertooth 990fx
RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 8gb
HD: Western Digital Caviar Green 1.TGB IntelliPower SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive
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  1. Are you installing the AHCI driver in the menu where you format the drive from the disk?
  2. No i don't, i just downloaded the driver from the ASUS web site and created a install disk on USB. my system started in safe mode and after a restart it started normal now i installed the LAN driver and internet works . started the win 7 AMD SATA ANCI driver and it is stuck on the window that says "preparing to install" rely don't know what is wrong!!!
  3. Solved it it was the HD i had one 128 GB laying around and installed the win on it like a charm no troubles at all.
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